SPWG Minutes Friday September 27, 2002

1. Review of action items

NEW: * On everyone: Evaluate SOHO planning procedures (meetings, other means of communication, etc) for the future. To be discussed at the next SPWG.

2. Boundary conditions

* The next MM/SK maneuver will be October 10. Fuel estimate: 0.2211 kg Safing and recovery on adjacent days (Oct 9 & 11). * No MDI continuous contact in October * Oct 14 Columbus Day (Holiday in US) * Oct 19 GSFC network upgrade, outage 14 UT - 20 UT (10am-6pm local) * Oct 27 US & European Daylight savings ends, GSFC local = UT - 5h * Submodes: Submode 6 until October 21, 13 UT, then... Submode 5 until November 1, 15 UT, then... Submode 6 for the foreseeable future (SUMER mini-campaign March/April 2003) NOTE: Luca Teriaca has asked for SUMER support Nov 16 - Dec 3 (TBC) * MEDOC Campaign #10 is planned for October 21 - November 3 * Commanding outlook: See AOB section.

3. Priorities for the coming month (W41-44; October 6 - November 3)

a) Joint observing plans and campaigns * Mar/Apr 2003 JOP161 Comprehensive Footpoint Study, SUMER/CDS/EIT/MDI/TRACE, POC: Scott McIntosh CDS, EIT, TRACE, MDI agree to a test run (time TBD - early in 2003). MDI High Rate may be requested for the real campaign. Some details in the JOP will be filled in, e.g: EIT & CDS will most likely run Intercal 1 program. * Oct 12,14,17 JOP100 Active Region DEM for Heating & Magnetography Studies, CDS/EIT/VLA/MDI/TRACE, ~16:30-21:30 UT, POC: Jeff Brosius TRACE program must be specified (one EUV filter) MEDOC Campaign: * Oct 21-27 JOP157 Bright Points in AR, CDS/EIT/MDI/TRACE/RHESSI, 8-18 UT, POC: Brigitte Schmieder JOP158 The Fast Solar Wind from 1.05 to 4 Ro, CDS/UVCS/SUMER/EIT/LASCO, 18-24 UT daily, POC: Alan Gabriel & Ester Antonucci JOP131 Spectro-polarimetric Diagnostics of Prominences and Filaments, CDS/SUMER/TRACE/THEMIS, POC: Brigitte Schmieder The observational details (most instruments!) need to be specified for JOPs 157 & 131. Note: Some TRACE absorption starts Oct 13. * Oct 28-Nov 3 JOP112 Coordinated SOHO-Ulysses Elemental Abundance Study, CDS/LASCO/SUMER/UVCS, POC: Susanna Parenti & Giannina Poletto Note: SUMER closes door on Oct 31. Continuing campaigns: * JOP159 CME's in Lyman-alpha (#6870), SWAN/LASCO/EIT/UVCS(*), POC: Chris St Cyr, Eric Quemerais Targets of opportunity for the whole period: * JOP136/MMOP009 Default RHESSI collaboration (#6850) * JOP153/MMOP003 Major Flare Alert Campaign number 6850 has been set aside for "individual instrument studies" that select their AR target [partially] influenced by the RHESSI target. Note that the RHESSI target will be observed by a significant number of ground based observatories, so chances for serendipitous co-observations are larger when selecting the RHESSI target. NOTE: MaxMillennium targets are valid from the time it is announced until a the next announcement (not *really* for a set 24-hour UT interval). However, all we can do is interpret it as the "most likely target for tomorrow's UT day". NOTE: None of the SOHO SWT members objected to a continuation of the current regime of Major Flare Watch participation. The alert system will be left in place; ANOTHER REVIEW WILL BE MADE AFTER 3 MORE CALLS. Note that each instrument is free to modify their response by contacting SOCs and/or Dick Canfield for relevant changes to JOP153/MMOP003 descriptions. TRACE will consider changing it's level of support for future Major Flare Watches. NOTE: We will generate campaign numbers in advance for Major Flare Watches (JOP153) as well. The NEXT Major Flare Watch campaign no. is: 6892 b) Intercalibration activities Last Intercal 1: September 18 * Week 42 Intercal 1 (TBC), CDS/EIT, POC: CDS/EIT Planners c) Individual instrument plans (See the SOHO monthly calendar for weekly plans) CDS: See their request diary for details ( LASCO/EIT: Oct 9 or 23 EIT Shutterless UVCS: Oct 16 UVCS Star Observations TRACE: Interested in collaborating with UVCS on polar coronal hole observations

4. AOB

* Next SPWG: Friday 25 October at 2pm in the EAF * DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar/shutterless observations that require NRT, etc. * If anyone has projects that require high-cadence MDI support, now is a good time to ask! If you need MDI data, make sure you request it specifically. * Commanding outlook - These times are subject to change - More details available if wanted: Week 41 - Oct 7-Oct 13 : Gap then D27 on Monday; D27 all day on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday; Thursday is good and we have maneuvers; Friday has a large gap in the afternoon; Sunday is good. Week 42 - Oct 14-Oct 20: Large gaps on Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday; D27 most of the day on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday; Friday is good; testing on Saturday. Week 43 - Oct 21-Oct 27: D27 before or after a large gap on Monday and Tuesday; Wednesday and Thursday are good; large gaps on Friday and Saturday; D27 part of the day on Sunday. Week 44 - Oct 28-Nov 3: Large afternoon gaps on Monday and Tuesday; downlink only station on Tuesday morning before the gap; Wednesday and Thursday have D27 all day; Friday is good; D27 for part of the day on Saturday and Sunday