SPWG Minutes Friday July 19, 2002

1. Review of action items

2. Boundary conditions

* The next MM/SK maneuver will most likely be in September. * MDI's next continuous contact will be August 28 - September 2. * Submodes: Submode 6 until August 21 at 16 UT, then submode 5 until August 27 at 16 UT, when we go back to submode 6. * Commanding outlook: See AOB section. * The CELIAS/SEM launch is on schedule for a target launch date of August 7. * An offpoint for EIT/MDI/LASCO will be performed on August 20. The current strawman timeline can be discussed at the end of the meeting if desired. * MEDOC Campaign #10 is planned for October 21 - November 3

3. Priorities for the coming month (W31-35, July 29-Sep 1)

a) Joint observing plans and campaigns * April 25 on JOP159 CME's in Lyman-alpha (#6870), SWAN/LASCO/EIT/UVCS, POC: Chris St Cyr, Eric Quemerais * Jul 20-26 JOP150 Dynamics and Seismology of the Solar Atmosphere, MDI/THEMIS/TRACE/EIT, POC: Alexander Kosovichev (sasha@quake.Stanford.EDU) EIT has been asked to add one or two synoptic sets between 0900-1700. This will be in collaboration with the shutterless campaign (see below). MDI will try to be in high res field of view for JOP150. * Jul 21 Flare Build-Up and Energy Release in AR's (#6878), CDS/TRACE/VLA/RHESSI, 15:00-19:00 UT, POC: Rob Wilson * Jul 24 EIT Shutterless, EIT/CDS/TRACE, 1700-1940 UT * Jul 27-Aug 1 JOP160 Emergence and Evolution of Young Active Regions, MDI/EIT/THEMIS/TRACE, Local POC: Sarah Gregory, POC: Daniele Spadaro ( * Jul 27-Aug 2 CDS/HIDA Collaboration, 22-08 UT, POC: David Brooks The above times are Japanese daytime in July; actual duration is about 8 hours per day. * Jul 31 EIT Shutterless (Backup), EIT/CDS * Aug 4-12 High Cadence AR Studies, RHESSI/SacPeak/CDS/TRACE/MaxMill, POC: Luca Teriaca/Gianna Cauzzi Target declared by MaxMillennium Chief Observer. TRACE will give some support. * Aug 7 CELIAS/SEM underflight (+/- 7 days) CDS will be taking full disk, full spectrum. We're expecting a new ICAL writeup from Don McMullin before the launch. * Aug 12-31 Extended Effects of Flares, CDS/EIT/LASCO/TRACE(TBC)/RHESSI, POC: Carl Foley TRACE has not recorded any request yet(?). Carl has been notified. * Aug 18 Flare Build-Up and Energy Release in AR's (#6878), CDS/TRACE/VLA/RHESSI, 14:30-21:30 UT, POC: Rob Wilson * August 20 SOHO offpoint Flare Build-Up and Energy Release in AR's (#6878), TRACE/VLA/RHESSI, 15:00-22:00 UT, POC: Rob Wilson * Aug 22 Flare Build-Up and Energy Release in AR's (#6878), CDS/TRACE/VLA/RHESSI, 14:30-21:30 UT POC: Rob Wilson * Aug 28-Sep 6 High Cadence Studies of Active Regions, CDS/BBSO/RHESSI, 16-24 UT, POC: Peter Gallagher & David Williams * Sep 6-13 JOP155 Polar Coronal Jets at the Declining Phase of the Solar Cycle, UVCS/EIT/LASCO/CDS/TRACE, POC: Danuta Dobrzycka Times for EIT 304, TRACE program must be specified. Targets of opportunity for the whole period: * JOP136/MMOP009 Default RHESSI collaboration (#6850) * JOP153/MMOP003 Major Flare Alert Campaign number 6850 has been set aside for "individual instrument studies" that select their AR target [partially] influenced by the RHESSI target. Note that the RHESSI target will be observed by a significant number of ground based observatories, so chances for serendipitous co-observations are larger when selecting the RHESSI target. NOTE: We will generate campaign numbers in advance for Major Flare Watches (JOP153) as well. The NEXT Major Flare Watch campaign no. is: * See also the Monthly Calendar at: b) Individual instrument plans (See the SOHO monthly calendar for weekly plans) CDS See their request diary for details ( LASCO/EIT: * Jul 24 EIT Shutterless, EIT/CDS/TRACE * Jul 30/31 EIT Shutterless Backup Day (TBC), EIT/CDS EIT bakeout after shutterless, before SEM rocket. LASCO is doing high-cadence polariser sequences for one month, starting July 5. EIT+C3+C2 drops 1 image/hr each to allow for this. An extra C2 will be dropped during support for JOP160. c) Intercalibration activities Last Intercal 1: June 12 * Week 32/33 Intercal 1, CDS/EIT, POC: CDS Planner (TBC)

4. AOB

* Next SPWG: Friday 23 at 2pm in EAF * DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar/shutterless observations that require NRT, etc. * If anyone has projects that require high-cadence MDI support, now is a good time to ask! If you need MDI data, make sure you request it specifically. * Commanding outlook - These times are subject to change - More details available if wanted: Week 31 - July 28 - August 4: Morning/early afternoon gaps on Monday through Thursday and Sunday, Friday has D27 all day, Saturday is good, D27 for part of the day on Monday and Tuesday. Week 32 - August 5 - August 11: Monday and Thursday are good, Tuesday and Wednesday have D27, Friday through Sunday have large gaps around lunchtime. Week 33 - August 12 - August 18: Monday has D27 in the afternoon, Tuesday and Thursday and Sunday are good, Wednesday and Friday and Saturday have gaps until around 17 UT then are good. Week 34 - August 19 - August 25: Monday has D27, Tuesday and Sunday are good, Wednesday through Saturday have gaps until around 17 UT then are good. Week 35 - August 26 - Sept 1: Monday has D27 in the afternoon, Tuesday through Friday and Sunday are good, Saturday has a D/L only station around lunchtime.