SPWG Minutes Friday, April 19, 2002

1. Review of action items

SUMER/MDI/UVCS/CDS/LASCO/EIT: Review description of observational sequence(s) for Major Flare Watch (JOP153/MMOP003). Note: No SUMER program defined (it was submitted after the meeting) Deadline for offpoint maneuver requirements is Friday April 26.

2. Boundary conditions

* Next maneuver is scheduled for June 3. Fuel estimate for station keeping is roughly 0.75 kg, with 1.5 hour burn time. * MDI is in continuous contact until June 2/3. * MSSTA-III EUV rocket (JOP156) has been is rescheduled for April 30, 2002 (Changed after the meeting from April 29). * VAULT (JOP148) will most likely be launched in June. * Submodes: Submode 5 for these activities: JOP104 run lasting until May 20, followed by: MEDOC #9 May 20-Jun 2. The time of switching to Submode 6 is TBD. Note that if a Major Flare Alert occurs in Submode 5, and SUMER is not doing Major Flare Watch-relevant observations, submode switches may be negotiated. * Commanding outlook: See AOB section. * EIT CalRoc and CELIAS/SEM launches shooting for a joint launch date in early August (on the 7th +/- 7 days). We will have a repeated, modified offpoint maneuver, tentative date is August 15th. * The MDI team is on a track to reduce the MDI shutter usage to half or less of present usage. See full message under AOB. In short - if you have projects that require high-cadence MDI support, now is a good time to ask, and make sure to make specific requests if you need MDI data.

3. Priorities for the coming month (W18-22, April 29 - June 2)

a) Joint observing plans and campaigns * Apr 8-May 20 JOP104 Doppler Shifts in X-Ray Jets(#6857), SUMER/CDS/TRACE/UVCS, POC: Davina Innes * Apr 14-29 JOP155 Polar Coronal Jets at the Declining Phase of the Solar Cycle, UVCS/EIT/LASCO/CDS/TRACE, POC: Danuta Dobrzycka, Local: Michael Uzzo, Yuan-Kuen Ko CDS has it listed for April 22-29 (conflicts w/JOP137) TRACE has not received a request, and supporting it in parallell with other programs (JOP104/137) would mean switching targets and passbands more often than desired. * Apr 21-May 3 JOP154 Joint SOHO-GBO Campaign to Study Chromospheric and Photospheric Network, SST/DOT/TRACE, POC: Dawn Myers MDI cannot support with high-res as requested during continuous contact. T Apr 30 JOP156 Multi-Spectral Solar Telescope Array III (#6855), MSSTA/EIT/CDS/TRACE/GBOs, Local POC: Dawn Myers, POC: Dennis Martinez-Galarce ( (NOTE: Added in this section after meeting; supporting instruments are listed as in the SPWG minutes from March) * May 13-26 Ulysses-SOHO Quadrature Observations, UVCS/Ulysses, POC: Steve Suess * May 13-17 Coronal Magnetometry, CDS/EIT/McMath, POC: Phil Judge * May 20-Jun 2 MEDOC Campaign #9: * May 20-Jun 2 JOP33 UV and X-ray Jets, CDS/SUMER/EIT/LASCO/UVCS*/RHESSI/GBO's, POC: Brigitte Schmieder * May 20-26 JOP131 Spectro-Polarimetric Diagnostics of Prominences and Filaments with SOHO and THEMIS, SUMER/CDS/GBO's, POC: Brigitte Schmieder TRACE does not currently have this on their calendar * May 20-Jun 2 JOP### Energy Input into the Chromosphere and TR due to Particle Impacts, CDS/RHESSI/SUMER (TBC), POC: Nicole Vilmer JOP has not yet been defined - send to SOCs as soon as possible (CDS needs input by May 6). * May 20-Jun 2 Microscale Heating, CDS/RHESSI, POC: Eric Buchlin, Karine Bocchialini MDI/EIT are willing to support with full disk/synoptics * May 20-Jun 2 Prominence Condensation, CDS, POC: Guillaume Aulanier EIT synoptics may be valuable for this one * May 20-Jun 2 Prominence Atlas, CDS/SUMER, POC: Jean-Claude Vial, Susanna Parenti * May 20-Jun 2 Scattered Lyman-alpha and Lyman-beta, SUMER, POC: Philippe Lemaire May consider collaborating with UVCS * May 27-Jun 2 OVI Distribution in Out-of-Limb Coronal Holes, SUMER, POC: N-E Raouafi, Philippe Lemaire UVCS will ask whether support is wanted * May 27-Jun 2 JOP130 Solar Maximum Equatorial Slow Wind, UVCS/CDS/SUMER, POC: Ester Antonucci, Alan Gabriel * Jun 11-17 JOP146 Fine Temperature and Density Structure of Coronal Loops in a Bipolar Active Region, EIT/CDS/TRACE, POC: Jonathan Cirtain EIT can only support with partial frame images for 45 minutes; otherwise usual CME watch/synoptics. * Jul 24 EIT Shutterless (TBC), EIT/CDS * Sep 6-13 JOP155 Polar Coronal Jets at the Declining Phase of the Solar Cycle (TBC), UVCS/EIT/LASCO/CDS(v)/TRACE, POC: Danuta Dobrzycka Note: Support from instruments (e.g. TRACE) must be requested for this run separately. Targets of opportunity for the whole period: * JOP136/MMOP009 Default HESSI collaboration (#6850) * JOP153/MMOP003 Major Flare Alert Campaign number 6850 has been set aside for "individual instrument studies" that select their AR target [partially] influenced by the HESSI target. Note that the HESSI target will be observed by a significant number of ground based observatories, so chances for serendipitous co-observations are larger when selecting the HESSI target. * See also the Monthly Calendar at: b) Individual instrument plans UVCS * Jun 29-Jul 1 UVCS HESSI Campaign Floating Days Note: This activity will be moved to whenever a Major Flare Watch occurs See also SOHO monthly calendar for weekly plans CDS See their request diary for details ( MDI: Default plan is full disk (continuous contact). TRACE: TRACE is doing quite well; the sector wheel hasn't been stuck since eclipse season, so they are adding some more flexibility. Also, a backup antenna will be used to minimize data dropouts from now on. LASCO/EIT: No bakeouts until end May/beg June. c) Intercalibration activities Last Intercal 1: April 9 * Week 19/20 Intercal 1, CDS/EIT, POC: CDS planner

4. AOB

* Next SPWG: Wednesday, May 22, 2pm. * Stein Haugan may become unavailable on short notice, for a period of about 2 weeks (paternal leave). * DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar/shutterless observations that require NRT, etc. * The MDI team is on a track to reduce the MDI shutter usage to half or less of present usage. to allow the instrument to be used for another 5 or more years. We expect to have a meeting to review shutter status and plan long-term operations in a few weeks. We are still determining what changes are practical, but one of the things being considered is elimination of the nominal 8-hour campaigns as much as possible, subject to compelling science arguments. So we want to give our colleagues a heads up that MDI may not provide very good collaborative support during the late summer and fall, although we hope to return to collaborative mode in some reduced level around the first of the year. In short - if you have projects that require high-cadence MDI support, now is a good time to ask! Also, if you need MDI data, make sure you request it specifically. * Commanding outlook - These times are subject to change - More details available if wanted: Week 18 - Apr 29-May 5: D/L only station on Monday morning and early afternoon followed by D27. D27 all day on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is good. D27 on Sunday afternoon. Week 19 - May 6-May 12: D27 in the afternoons of Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. D27 all day on Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. D/L only on Friday afternoon. Week 20 - May 13-May 19: D27 all day Monday. D27 in the afternoons of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday. Thursday is good. Friday and Saturday have a D/L only in the afternoon. Week 21 - May 20-May 26: D27 in the afternoons on Monday, Thursday, Saturday. Tuesday is good. D/L only in the afternoons on Wednesday and Friday. D27 all day Sunday. Week 22 - May 26-Jun 2: D27 in the afternoons of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, though some days have good stations in the evenings. Friday is good. D27 all day on Saturday.