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SPWG Minutes Friday, September 28, 2001

1. Review of action items

2. Boundary conditions

* No maneuvers for the current planning period. Next set of maneuvers is *tentatively* scheduled for November 27 (MM), December 1-2 (Roll), and December 18 (MM/SK). * HESSI has been told by NASA/KSC to stop warming detectors for launch, which means 4 weeks of LV processing after getting another go-ahead. * Oct 29-Nov 11 SOHO/Ulysses quadrature during north polar pass * VAULT launch scheduled for October 25 (JOP148) (This is somewhat uncertain due to White Sands facility plans) * MSSTA-III EUV rocket launch postponed (no target date - spring 2002). * TRACE EUV Eclipse starts mid-October, full eclipse from week of Nov 7 * Commanding outlook: See AOB section. * Submodes: Submode 6 until MEDOC Campaign starts (October 15) Submode 5 until at least end of MEDOC (October 29) * MDI 5-day continuous: October 24-30 * The MDI team is on a track to reduce the MDI shutter usage to half or less of present usage, to allow the instrument to be used for another 5 or more years. We expect to have a meeting to review shutter status and plan long-term operations in a few weeks. We are still determining what changes are practical, but one of the things being considered is elimination of the nominal 8-hour campaigns as much as possible, subject to compelling science arguments. So we want to give our colleagues a heads up that MDI may not provide very good collaborative support during the late summer and fall, although we hope to return to collaborative mode in some reduced level around the first of the year. In short - if you have projects that require high-cadence MDI support, now is a good time to ask! Also, if you need MDI data, make sure you request it specifically. * EIT shutterless observations now scheduled for Oct 13, 17-19:40 UT * EIT CalRoc launch in December is officially cancelled, now shooting for May-June 2002. Would like to have it near a repeated offpoint maneuver.

3. JOPs status

New: JOP148 VAULT sub-arcsecond imaging of the solar atmosphere, VAULT/TRACE/BBSO/KPNO-SP/MDI/EIT, POC: A Vourlidas (NRL) MDI needs a direct request for support. JOP149 Onset on flaring activity and Coronal mass ejections, CDS/SUMER/EIT/MDI/TRACE/Yohkoh/HESSI/VTT/THEMIS, POC: B. Schmieder TRACE will most likely give 171 Angstrom only - and during MEDOC run, there will be partial eclipse/absorption periods.

4. Priorities for the coming month (W40-44, October 1 - November 4)

a) Joint observing plans and campaigns * Oct 1-7 Polar Plume Study, CDS/MDI, POC: CDS Planner * Oct 3-10 JOP149 Onset of Flaring Activity and Coronal Mass Ejections, CDS/MDI/EIT/TRACE/Yohkoh-SXT(TBC)/VTT-MSDP POC: Brigitte Schmieder Medoc Campaign (mostly targets of opportunity): (NOTE: TRACE needs a somewhat more specific plan *before* the campaign has started in order to support). * Oct 15-17 JOP104 Doppler Shifts in X-ray Jets (#6715), SUMER/VLA/EIT/TRACE/Yohkoh, POC: Bernhard Kliem EIT will only support with standard CME watch if TRACE is observing Otherwise, there could be about 1 hr of subfield images depending on hours, contact, etc. * Oct 15-28 JOP122 Micro-scale Heating Blocks of the Solar Atmosphere SUMER/CDS/TRACE/Big Bear, 3 consecutive days, 4 hours per day, from 15 UT POC: Maria Madjarska & Gerry Doyle TRACE has it listed Oct 22-28, and only if not a good target for the Sac Peak collaboration (w Tom Berger) Oct 21-27. * Oct 15-28 JOP133 Theoretical Line Profiles of Metallic Elements with Macroscopic Velocities, SUMER/CDS POC: Daniela Cirigliano * Oct 15-28 JOP137 Loops at the Limb, 3 days, 5 hours each, SUMER/CDS/TRACE(TBC) POC: Olav Kjeldseth-Moe (olav.kjeldseth-moe@astro.uio.no) TRACE does not have any knowledge of this. CDS picked it up from the MEDOC planning page only - will support if no other conflicts. * Oct 19-22 JOP130 Slow Solar Wind, UVCS/SUMER/CDS, 14-24 UT, POC: Ester Antonucci & Alan Gabriel CDS awaiting input from Alan Gabriel. * Oct 18-23 JOP131 Prominence and Filament Studies with THEMIS, SUMER/CDS/TRACE/THEMIS, POC: Brigitte Schmieder, 8-18 UT * Oct 18-23 JOP149 Onset of Flaring Activity and Coronal Mass Ejections, CDS/MDI/EIT/SUMER/TRACE/Yohkoh-SXT(TBC)/THEMIS, 8-18 UT, POC: Brigitte Schmieder T Oct 25 VAULT rocket launch (TBC) JOP148 VAULT Sub-arcsecond Imaging of the Solar Atmosphere, VAULT/TRACE/BBSO/KPNO-SP/MDI/EIT, POC: Angelos Vourlidas, Local POC: Gareth Lawrence POST-MEDOC * Oct 29-Nov 11 UVCS Program for SOHO/Ulysses Quadrature The MMOP011 Sigmoidal active region study has been revived by the Max Millennium group (until HESSI launch). b) Individual instrument plans SUMER - apparently plans to change slit for JOP130 on Oct 18, so most likely JOP104 will be before that. UVCS - see SOHO monthly calendar for weekly plans CDS - see CDS Request diary for details: http://solg2.bnsc.rl.ac.uk/scientificops/request.shtml EIT: Oct 13 EIT Shutterless observations 17-19:40 UT MDI: * MDI 5-day continuous: October 24-30 High res FOV only if good targets - otherwise full disk. In addition, line profile studies on AR in high res FOV, sometimes in collaboration with Mt Wilson. TRACE: Note they will be in 171 Angstrom only during at least until the end of MEDOC. c) Intercalibration activities Week 41 Intercal 1 CDS/EIT

5. Preview of future months

* See the Monthly Calendar at: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/soc/head_calendar.html

6. AOB

* Next SPWG: Friday 26 October, 2pm * DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc. * Commanding outlook These times are subject to change - more details are available if wanted: Week 40 - Oct 01: DSS27 on Monday and part of Tuesday. Lunchtime gaps on several days means commanding in the mid-afternoon. Week 41 - Oct 08: DSS27 on Monday and Wednesday. Lunchtime gaps often this week so commanding will be in the mid-afternoon. Week 42 - Oct 15: DSS27 on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Lunchtime gaps often this week so commanding will be in the mid-afternoon. Week 43 - Oct 22: DSS27 for about half the week. Continuous contact starts on Wednesday. Week 44 - Oct 29: Monday has a downlink only station and DSS27. Tuesday and Sunday have DSS27. Large gaps on Wednesday and Friday.