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SPWG Minutes Friday, June 15, 2001

1. Review of action items

2. Boundary conditions

* Future maneuvers (outlook): Roll in December, Offpoint before or after MDI 3-month continuous? If the EIT CalRock has to go in December, an offpoint in December is not ruled out, but it is already a quite busy month! It does not look like we need to do a roll for the Leonids. This was intended as a test of the fast roll mode prior to the December roll. * HESSI launch (changed after meeting): Delayed indefinitely [several weeks]. [Report to SOCs if anyone needs non-working-hours notification of Major Flare Watches, and review your plans for HESSI observations.] * Eclipse on June 21. See http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/soc/jun2001_eclipse/ * TXI rocket launch June 21 (JOP123) * EIT bakeout weekend before eclipse, will attempt more frequent bakeouts (about every 2 months, to be revised). * Next maneuver is scheduled for June 28. Preliminary fuel estimate: 0.556 kg + momentum management, use 0.6 kg for planning purposes. CDS needs to do some GIS engineering (filament dumps) with doors closed. Much will be done within the 24-hour waiting period after last thruster burn, but some will have to be done the next day(s). LASCO will need to wait for CDS to open their doors (most likely wait until Monday). LASCO will use the time to do closed door calibrations. * Commanding outlook: See AOB section. * Submodes: Submode 6 until JOP104 run in August. * MDI 5-day continuous: July 4-10. * GENESIS launch July 30

3. JOPs status

New: - None. Modified: - None.

4. Priorities for the coming month (W25-W30, June 18 - July 29)

a) Joint observing plans and campaigns Discussed at previous meeting(s): * Jun 15-20 JOP142 Motions in Filaments, TRACE/CDS/MDI(TBC)/Sac Peak, (Sac Peak: 13-24 UT; Prime observing time: 13-18 UT) POC: Terry Kucera HESSI takes precedence for TRACE (Major Flare Watches - or likely flare targets not yet triggering a MFW) and MDI (Major Flare Watch). T Jun 21 Solar eclipse. EIT/LASCO support TBC, POC: Gareth Lawrence UVCS/LASCO/GBOs Coordinated Observations for Solar Eclipse JOP123 Narrow band photometry of EUV emission lines, CDS/EIT/TRACE/TXI, POC: Ed Deluca. Launch sched. @ 17:30UT June 20 may be backup date New: * Jul 2-10 JOP134 High-Resolution Study of Supergranulation: Plasma Flows and Magnetic Field Structures, THEMIS/MDI, POC: Sarah Gregory * Jul 12,15, JOP100 AR DEM for Heating and Magnetography Studies, 17,19,23 VLA/TRACE/MDI/EIT/CDS) ~15-20UT (See calendar for details), POC: Jeff Brosius * Jul 16-22 Observation of Footpoint Active Regions of Transequatorial Loops, 00:00-06:00 UT, CDS/Japanese GBO, POC: Kuniko Hori * Jul 23-Aug 6 Active Region Irradiance Study, CDS/TRACE, POC: Eoghan O'Shea (eoshea@so.estec.esa.nl) CDS will use most of their time on this target for the two weeks. See monthly calendar at: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/soc/head_calendar.html b) Individual instrument plans In general, Major Flare Watches will take precedence over scheduled plans, subject to each instruments capabilities and specific studies. TRACE will by default go with the Default HESSI target first couple of weeks after launch. CDS: CDS will have one full day of CME watch per month (July & August). UVCS: * Jul 30-Aug 12 UVCS CME watch/JOP136, POC: Kuen Ko Contingent on HESSI launch. EIT: * Jul 11 EIT Shutterless (TBC) MDI: Default full disk mags/doppler unless target in high res field, on good high res targets do high res line profile studies. c) Intercalibration activities F Jul 6 Intercal 1 (TBC), CDS/EIT, POC: EIT planner

5. Preview of future months

* See the Monthly Calendar at: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/soc/head_calendar.html

6. AOB

* Next SPWG: Friday July 20, 2pm at EAF * NOTE: DSN is accepting requests for 2002. Not a first-come-first-serve principle, but asking early won't diminish your chances. DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc. * Commanding outlook These times are subject to change. More details are available if wanted Week 26 - June 25: Monday is DSS27 all day. The rest of the week is good. Maneuvers on Thursday. CDS dumps on Friday will have no problems. Week 27 - July 02: Monday is DSS27 all day. The rest of the week is good. Command before 17 UT on Wed and Thurs or use DSS27 later in the day. Week 28 - July 09: Most of the week will be on DSS27 each day. Wed and Sat are good days. Week 29 - July 16: Mon-Wed on DSS27. Gap on Thurs. Fri-Sun good. Week 30 - July 23: DSS27 all week. Afternoon gaps on Tue, Fri, Sun. Bad week. Week 31 - July 30: Mon is DSS27 all day. Tue is a gap so command after 19 UT on DSS27. Wed & Thu command early or on DSS27. Fri & Sat are good. Week 32 - Aug 06: DSS27 all day Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week has good stations but gaps in the morning and early afternoons. Stein Vidar Hagfors Haugan ESA SOHO SOC/European Space Agency Science Operations Coordinator for SOHO NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Email: shaugan@esa.nascom.nasa.gov Mail Code 682.3, Bld. 26, Room G-1, Tel.: 1-301-286-9028/240-354-6066 Greenbelt, Maryland 20771, USA. Fax: 1-301-286-0264 This message was sent to: EAntonucci RBentley JLBertaux PBochsler EBreeveld PBrekke RBush RCanfield CDeForest JPDelaboudiniere VDomingo BFleck CFrohlich AGabriel LGardner SGregory JGurman RHarrison DHassler RAHoward JKohl TKucera HKunow PLamy PMartens SMcIntosh DMichels DMyers GNoci APoland JRaymond JSaba LSanchez PScherrer KSchrijver USchuehle CSchultz RSchwenn GSimnett JSommers CStCyr TTarbell JTorsti JCVial KWilhelm PWurz CYoung EZamkoff bely@obs-nice.fr lemaire@sumop1.nascom.nasa.gov curdt@linax1.mpae.gwdg.de benefiel@pop500.gsfc.nasa.gov CELIAS@mpe-garching.mpg.de curdt@linmpi.mpg.de dih@mpe.mpg.de djudge@lism.usc.edu eino.valtonen@utu.fi galvin@umdsp.umd.edu gruenwaldt@linax1.mpae.gwdg.de ipavich@umtof.umd.edu jdesselle@achamp.gsfc.nasa.gov kemiller@pop500.gsfc.nasa.gov kocharov@helium.srl.utu.fi mah@mpe.mpg.de mueller-mellin@kernphysik.uni-kiel.de nicholas.piston@honeywell-tsi.com quemerai@aerov.jussieu.fr soc@soc.nascom.nasa.gov Stil@VAX1.May.ie tarbell@sag.lmsal.com yko@cfa0.harvard.edu medoc-ops@m -> Mail to "SOHOspwg@solar.stanford.edu" will be sent to the persons listed.