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SPWG Minutes Tuesday, April 24, 2001

1. Review of action items

2. Boundary conditions

* No maneuvers planned in May and continuous contact ends May 30. Next maneuver is tentatively scheduled for June 28. * Ulysses equatorial (May 15) and west limb (May 30) passage Ulysses between +/- 15 deg. heliographic latitude throughout May See "Whole Sun Month - Ulysses equatorial scan" under AOB for more details. * Eclipse on June 21 * EIT bakeout weekend before eclipse, will attempt more frequent bakeouts (about every 2 months, to be revised). * Submodes: Submode 6 until May 14 Submode 5 until May 31

3. JOPs status

New: JOP142 Filament Motion Observations with Sac Peak, TRACE, and SOHO CDS/MDI/(SUMER)/TRACE/Sac Peak, POC: Terry Kucera EIT expressed an interest in joining with 304 Angstrom subfield/3 hour shutterless operations, but time period conflicts with bakeout. JOP143 Impulsive Flare Dynamics, MDI/TRACE/HESSI, POC: Harry Warren A question was raised as to whether this might become a part of MMOP003 Regions likely to produce major flares? This JOP has little SOHO involvement, however, and may be run more often than MMOP003. Modified: JOP118 The Temperature Range of the Sunspot 3-minute Oscillations, CDS/MDI/EIT/TRACE, POC: Per Maltby EIT will (still) not do 171 Angstrom, especially when this is also done by TRACE.

4. Priorities for the coming month (W18-W22, April 30-June 3)

a) Joint observing plans and campaigns From previous meeting(s): * Mar 18-May 15 JOP106 (TOO, MMOP011) Sigmoidal Active Region Study (#6721), CDS/EIT/UVCS/MDI/TRACE/Yohkoh-SXT/et al., POC: Sarah Gibson (sgibson@solar.stanford.edu) EOF: Stein Haugan, Prime time 1700-2300 UT New: * Apr 26,27 JOP140 Origin of Type I Radio Noise Storms (#6723), VLA/CDS/TRACE, VLA time 14:00-19:00/18:00 UT, POC: Lidia van Driel, Local: Terry Kucera * Apr 25-May 7 JOP118 Temperature Range of Sunspot 3-min Oscillations, CDS/MDI/TRACE, twice each week, POC: Per Maltby, Local: Terry Kucera/Andrzej Fludra MDI will be taking full-disk data during this period. * Apr 27-May 7 Multi-height observations of sunspot evolution, TRACE/CDS/NSO, POC: K.D. Leka MEDOC: See monthly calendar or http://www.medoc-ias.u-psud.fr/operations/cmp7/calendar.html Note: For JOP131/107, EIT will do 195 CME Watch * JOP141 will be running as TOO until autumn solstice. LASCO and EIT eclipse support to be written up as JOP when observational details have been sent to SOCs. A question was raised whether the spacecraft should be put in record (even in contact periods) for the event. This will be pursued by SOCs. b) Individual instrument plans SUMER will move onto the disk during (parts of) the MEDOC campaign. UVCS will start their JOP139 observations during first week of MEDOC campaign in support of Ulysses. They will also continue with coordinated observations with Ulysses until June 2. LASCO support for JOP139 has been added to JOP description after meeting. See monthly calendar at: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/soc/head_calendar.html c) Intercalibration activities * Week 18 Intercal 1, CDS/EIT, 1400-1600 UT, POC: Andrzej Fludra

5. Preview of future months

* See the Monthly Calendar at: http://sohowww.nascom.nasa.gov/soc/head_calendar.html

6. AOB

* From SWT: HESSI Major Flare Watch (MMOP003 Regions likely to produce major flares): SOHO will support the first 3 instances after HESSI becomes operational before reviewing the support policy. Submode changes may be performed (5->6) if no HESSI-related targets are available for SUMER. This will happen on a "best effort" basis, during workweek only (no after-hours or weekend mode switches). Instruments that would like to receive initial warnings other than emails should inform SOCs. MEDOC Campaign #8 was scheduled for October 15 - 28 A a roll manoeuvre (given fast roll mode available) for first week of December 2001 was discussed (Details TBD). EIT and MDI would like to repeat the offpointing manoeuvre in April 2002 (after MDI 3-month continuous - time TBD). * Next SPWG: Friday May 25 * REMINDER: DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc. * Whole Sun Month - Ulysses equatorial scan Andy Breen has sent the following alert: We are writing to alert the Whole Sun Month community to a unique science opportunity. Ulysses is making a fast equatorial scan, off the West limb of the Sun, throughout the month of May (Solar equatorial crossing is ~10th May and west limb crossing ~30 May, with the spacecraft between +-15 degrees heliographic latitude throughout the month). We encourage observers to focus observations during this time period on this area where possible. There is unlikely to be such another favourable geometry for Sun-Wind connection studies, with a spacecraft off the limb of the Sun, for a long time. In order to coordinate coronal, interplanetary, and solar wind observations for such studies, we ask that anyone observing any interesting activity coming from the West limb should immediately send an email to Andy Breen at (azb@aber.ac.uk, azb@eiscat.uit.no). We will put this information on a WSM-U web page: http://www.sp.ph.ic.ac.uk/~forsyth/WSM-U/ so that all observers can check their data to see if they also catch the event, and likewise send in a report to be put on the WSM-U web page. A diagram showing the Ulysses trajectory during the fast latitude scan can already be found on this page. IPS observations from EISCAT co-ordinated with the Ulysses pass are already planned, and MERLIN high-frequency observations off the south-west limb of the Sun will also be running. The times and co-ordinates of these EISCAT and MERLIN IPS observations will go up on this page in the next week or so. We hope to have a future workshop where observers and modelers can come together to study these data. Andy Breen (azb@aber.ac.uk) Bob Forsyth (r.forsyth@ic.ac.uk)