SOHO SPWG Minutes Monday, December 11, 2000

1. Review of action items

None outside standard agenda

2. Boundary conditions

* No maneuvers are planned for January, but: EIT would like to schedule an offpointing maneuver before the station keeping/momentum management before the 3-month continuous starting on February 28, pending approval by the program office and the SWT. This offpoint may require a momentum management The S.K./M.M to prepare for the continuous is currently scheduled for February 8, but may be moved closer to the continuous period. See also offpointing discussion under AOB. * MDI Continuous for January: MDI Continuous starts 3 January at 14:15 UT to 8 January at 23:00 UT also MDI Continuous starts 31 January at 15:15 UT to 5 February at 23:40 UT * Submodes: Submode #6 all month (start 18 December)

3. JOPs status

New: JOP136 MMOP009 Default HESSI Collaboration Some comments to the wording regarding scheduling: SOHO instruments will not necessarily participate at all times, even if no other coordinated observations are scheduled. There were other comments on the wording of EIT, LASCO and MDI programs. Modified: JOP106 Sigmoidal Active Region Study Now explicitly Target of Opportunity JOP. Each instrument joins on a call-by-call basis, depending on existing instrument plans.

4. Priorities for the coming month (Dec 18 - Jan 28)

a) Joint observing plans New since last meeting: * Dec 8-Feb 28 MMOP011 JOP106 Sigmoidal Active Region Study (#6670) CDS/EIT/MDI/UVCS/TRACE/Yohkoh-SXT/et al. POC: Sarah Gibson ( EOF: CDS Planner ( CDS, MDI, UVCS will join on a call-by-call basis whenever it fits in with other scheduled plans. >From earlier: * Dec 20-24 JOP135 Filament Structure and Dynamics: H alpha Doppler, HeI and HeII Observations, POC: Sara Martin/Joe Gurman(EOF), EIT/LASCO/Helio Research/Big Bear/Kitt Peak EIT level of support being discussed (7 h/day 304 or more) Note: A revised version was received after the meeting, "..[containing] a more complete observing plan and instrument description for the participating ground-based observatories." b) Individual instrument plans (See calendar for dates) - East limb CME watch with NEAR, (#6655), UVCS/NEAR POC: Leonard Strachan EOF: Kuen Ko - CDS 24-hour blinker program (BLINK_NE), EIT shutterless ops To be coordinated with MDI - SOHO-Sun-Ulysses quadrature LASCO extra pB images TBD - Default plan for MDI Christmas week: Full Disk magnetograms/dopplergrams - MDI Continuous Jan 03 -- Jan 08 Expect High Res campaign unless X-flare region outside HR FOV. - MDI Continuous Jan 31 -- Feb 05 Expect Full Disk campaign in prep. for 3-month continuous. - MDI reload to change tuning, increase exposure times to compensate for gradual degradation (around 10% since beginning of mission) in mid-January. c) Intercalibration activities - Intercal 1 in week 2 (Jan 8-14).

5. Preview of future months

* See the Monthly Calendar at: * GENESIS launch window is now June 6 - June 16. Due to hot backup requirements, we will have minimal DSN support for SOHO, possibility of data loss due to large gaps. * SUMER input: For the future, we have agreed to support the loop campaign from February 27 to March 12, 2001 as much as possible, and are considering cooperations with HESSI later in April/May 2001. Depending on the outcome of the super-refspec study in December 2000, we might add another campaign of this sort. We are now convinced that safety of the E-W telescope mechanism does not require to stay off the western hemisphere (the region where we got stuck in November last year). Since many cooperative activities are easier to perfrom on the west limb, we plan to go there in February 2001. In transit, we will use the opportunity to run intercal_1 on the disk.

6. AOB

* EIT will discuss the offpoint maneuver at the SWT. From a science planning perspective, it's preferable if it can be bundled (as in the day before) with the February momentum management (current date is February 8), if momentum managements are requried before/after offpoint. However, from practical considerations and a safety perspective, this may not be possible (wheel speeds may need to be looked at prior to final momentum management) or desirable (as expressed previously by the SWT). The current EIT proposal can be viewed at However, MDI would like to suggest small changes to take advantage of the maneuver, which will likely increase the dwell times (thus the total duration). * May 14-27 will be proposed for the next MEDOC campaign. Last week of May and early June is taken up by likely maneuver and GENESIS launch. * Next SPWG: January 19, 2pm * REMINDER: DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc.