Friday, September 22, 2000

1. Review of action items

- On Jeff Newmark/JOP131 authors: Determine final program for EIT - On Klaus Wilhelm/JOP130 authors: Modify pointing to accommodate SUMER - On Kuen Ko/JOP130 authors: Work out alternative to UVCS employing an offset pointing. - On SOCs: Determine EIT program for revised JOP124 - On JOP133 authors: Determine whether archival data can be used.

2. Boundary conditions

* Next maneuver MM and SK is planned for Friday, October 27. Estimated ~ 600 grams of fuel for planning purposes. Station keeping fuel estimate: 545 grams A switch to Submode 6 during the maneuver was agreed (Thursday Oct 27 - Monday Oct 30). * MDI Continuous for October: Continuous Starts Wednesday, Oct 18 at 04:25 UT Continuous Ends Monday, Oct 23 at 16:00 UT. * Submodes: Submode #5 all month except during maneuver. * Future boundary conditions: - MEDOC campaign #6, Oct 30 - Nov 12 - TRACE eclipse season starts November 11 Atmospheric absorption kicks in two weeks earlier. - Discussion of EIT spacecraft offpoint request Can be done in high rate (VC2/VC3), Time TBD (after Leonids). Duration ~ 3 hrs or more. Exact plan is still being determined by the EIT team. - Discussion of Leonids Awaiting input from ESA/ESOC on whether or not spacecraft roll and safing activities will be performed. It is expected the decision will be made in next week or so.. then we can plan from there.

3. JOPs status

We have the following new JOP to be run in October: - JOP131 Dynamics of Active Regions CDS/MDI/EIT/TRACE/Tenerife VTT/THEMIS/Kwasan/Hida/ Huairou Radio Spectrograph, 8-18 UT, Local Coordinator: Terry Kucera POC: Brigitte Schmieder/Nicole Mein This is a revision of JOP017 which was requested at the last SPWG to be run October 6-15, 2000. EIT: Supports the JOP in principle, but cannot perform the current program - one more iteration needed to finalize program. Action on Jeff Newmark MDI: Will give 1-min. cadence data when possible TRACE: Still undecided - There may be a technical conflict with regard to the operation of the instrument (quad shutter operations still being resolved). Conflicts with JOP104, which has priority. Other new JOPs, for future dates (MEDOC or later): - JOP129 The Gravitational Focusing Cone of Interstellar Helium CDS/SUMER/EIT/UVCS/SWAN/CELIAS SEM and PM/ EUVE/ACE/Ulysses/Wind/Geotail/Cluster POC: Eberhard Mobius ( SUMER will do stray-light observations, 19 Nov and 5 Dec - JOP130 Solar Maximum Equatorial Slow Wind CDS/SUMER/UVCS/LASCO/EIT/MDI/TRACE, 18-24 UT POC: Ester Antonucci and Alan Gabriel, run daily from Nov. 6-12. SUMER wants to have another pointing (not 1.2 Ro at equator) - to be worked out. Action on Klaus Wilhelm. UVCS offset pointing is not usually performed anymore (to be worked out). Action on Kuen Ko. EIT points out that subtle changes may be difficult to pick out in 1/2 resolution. TRACE will have atmospheric absorption (right before they enter eclipse season). In general, TRACE operations during eclipse season are not clear at this moment. MDI still discussing exact requirements. - JOP132 Ulysses-SOHO quadrature campaign UVCS/Ulysses/CDS/LASCO, CDS support during week #2 only Contacts: Giannina Poletto and Steve Suess (MEDOC) No comments. - JOP133 Theoretical Lines Profiles of Metallic Elements with Macroscopic Velocities, CDS/SUMER MEDOC contact: Daniela Cirigliano SUMER has potential pointing conflicts. It is requested that a search of the archive is performed, to see if the required data already exists - especially since this JOP apparently would require SUMER azimuthal repointing. SUMER has performed many prominence studies. Feedback is requested from JOP authors. These updated or new JOPs are for future dates: - JOP124 Prominence/filament Diagnostic and Oscillations, CDS/SUMER, Contact: Stephane Regnier (MEDOC). EIT part missing? To be confirmed by SOCs.

4. Priorities for the coming month (Week 40 Oct 02 - Week 43 Oct 29)

a) Joint observing plans - JOP104 Doppler Shifts in X-ray Jets --- Runs all month. During MDI continuous, TRACE will go to support possible MDI HiRes observations. - Oct 6 - 15: JOP131 Dynamics of Active Regions CDS/MDI/EIT/TRACE/Tenerife VTT/THEMIS/Kwasan/Hida/ Huairou Radio Spectrograph, 8-18 UT, Local Coordinator: Terry Kucera POC: Brigitte Schmieder/Nicole Mein * Partial conflict with JOP 104 - Oct 22-Nov 2: Simultaneous Observations of Multi-Loop Systems, CDS/Tenerife VTT, 10-17 UT, POC: Gerhard Rank ( (time shared with JOP104 during 22-27 October) b) Individual instrument plans See monthly calendar. UVCS has alternative plan (South Magnetic Pole Reversal) for weeks 42 & 43 if sufficient JOP104 data has been collected. c) Intercalibration activities Intercal 1, CDS/EIT Time to be determined offline between CDS/EIT

5. Preview of future months

* See the Monthly Calendar at:

6. AOB

* New JOP Guidelines are available, see: This is also linked into the normal SOHO JOP page: People should remember to look in the SOHO archives for existing observations before proposing new JOPs. * Next SPWG: Friday, October 20 at 2:00 pm in EAF Discussion of MEDOC campaign will be the main topic at this SPWG. * REMINDER: DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc. * To be added or removed from this distribution list contact Stein Haugan: