Friday, August 18, 2000

1. Review of action items


2. Boundary conditions

* No Maneuvers for the September planning period. Next maneuver is planned for Friday, October 27. This is the Friday prior to the start of the MEDOC campaign on October 30. Conversations with instrument teams present and off-line with the SOC indicate all teams will recover their instruments over the weekend and be observing before Monday, Oct 30. CDS points out that they must open their door 24 hours after a maneuver for thermal reasons, so they must come in on Saturday to open the door. * MDI Continuous for September: MDI Continuous Contact from Sept 20 at 16:20 UT to Sept 26 at 08:45 UT * EIT Bake-Out: 8 - 11 September * Submodes: Switch to Submode #5 the afternoon of Wednesday, September 13.

3. JOPs status

* The following JOPs have been updated: - JOP097: Oscillations in Sunspots and Active Regions, (#6545), TRACE/MDI/La Palma/Tenerife, 7-17 UT POC: Karin Muglach (, EOF: Eoghan O'Shea - JOP126: Active region non-thermal velocities and dynamics (#6540), EIT/TRACE/Norikura/Yohkoh SXT, 22 - 06 UT POC: Louise Harra - JOP127: High-cadence CME tracking through the corona and interplanetary medium, (#6541) LASCO/EISCAT/Ulysses/Nagoya Nancay/Ootacamund/MICA/HASTA/HAO-MKIV/TRACE/Puschino POC: Gareth Lawrence (

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Joint observing plans - JOP097: Ok, no comments. - JOP104: Kuen Ko will e-mail Werner with alternate text for the UVCS component. Dawn Meyers will mention to TRACE team to re-examine whether or not they want to use all the wavelengths listed or just one. TRACE will not support JOP104 before September 30. - JOP123: Launch date unchanged. Time to depend on input from TRACE regarding SAA times. Use of SSR will be discussed prior to weekly meeting (local coordinator not present today at SPWG). - JOP126: TRACE will end support for this JOP at 6 UT on September 19 to start support of JOP097. No other coments. - JOP127: TRACE does not have on their calendar, but it looks like the data from JOP126 support would be used for registration of ground-based data. That is to say, nothing special is requested from TRACE. > ~4 iron-line images per hour, to determine MICA pointing and > identify onset times (to be arranged from JOP 126 support), > plus synoptic data Minutes from this meeting will be sent to JOP127 JOP leader, and he can clarify with TRACE if anything else is needed. There was discussion about JOP017: * Oct 6 - 15: JOP017, CDS/Tenerife VTT/THEMIS, POC: Brigitte Schmieder Other participants are to-be-confirmed (TBC): SUMER, EIT, MDI, TRACE, Yohkoh CDS is the only SOHO instrument known to be supporting JOP017. EIT is not present today, but SOC indicates that if 304 A images are desired for any time during the campaign, the JOP leader should contact the EIT planner/team to discuss. MDI indicates support will be based on the DSN schedule and high rate data availability. SUMER and TRACE plan to run JOP104. A "compromise" solution has been hinted at through e-mail should a target occur where SUMER is at the East limb... however none has surfaced. It is requested to have an updated version of this JOP for the next SPWG. b) Individual instrument plans CDS -- Aside from aforementioned JOPS: * Test of loops Studies for October/November Collaboration with the VTT. * Blinker test runs * Filament/Prominence Study -- Target of opportunity for September and October (but after September 10). 3 day observation of same filament on disc in western hemisphere and then 2 days same feature on limb. * Sunspot Oscillations Study -- run once per week From Sep 19, run twice a week on the same target as JOP 97 (can be run after or before JOP 97). * Oslo Active Region Loops and Oslo Sunspot Study. EIT -- For September: 1) 6 hour cadence synoptics (all 4 bands) + 195 CME watch CME watch will be fullres in SM 6 and 1/2 res in SM5 (starting Sept. 13). 2) Support TXI rocket launch with extra full disk, full res images. 3) JOP126 - support with CME watch 4) JOP104 - support with CME watch 5) Bakeout - Sept. 8-11 LASCO -- JOP127, and Rho Leo observations. UVCS -- Planning schedule: 26 Aug - 03 Sep L. Gardner Rho Leo observations, spatial co-registration, and Instrument Characterization 04 Sep - 14 Sep D. Phillips Precision line of sight streamer velocity measurements. 15 Sep - 24 Sep J. Raymond CME-Flare Onset Campaign JOP 104 25 Sep - 01 Oct Y-K Ko CME-Flare Onset Campaign JOP 104 02 Oct - 08 Oct Y-K Ko CME-Flare Onset Campaign JOP 104 MDI -- coordination w/TRACE, JOP123, North Pole Study on Sept 7 (pure dynamics on Sept 7, the day prior and after will run a magnetic dynamics campaign). High resolution studies a priority when possible. TRACE -- other than aforementioned JOPs, during Aug 29-Sept 4 planning flarewatch with MDI. c) Intercalibration activities ICAL001 scheduled for Thursday, September 14 with CDS and EIT participating.

5. Preview of future months

* See the Monthly Calendar at:

6. AOB

* Next SPWG: Friday, September 22, at 2:00 pm in EAF * REMINDER: DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc.