Tuesday, June 27, 2000

1. Review of action items


2. Boundary conditions

* Tuesday, July 18 -- Maneuvers (MM/SK). Only a Momentum management and station keeping will be performed. An earlier preliminary fuel estimate for the station keeping was ~ 640 grams but estimate may change a bit as the date draws closer and more calculations are done. Plan on maneuvers taking the entire day, with instrument safing on July 17. There will not be any reaction wheel #4 maintenance ever again. Performing the maintenance in gyroless mode creates a single point of failure and no formal maintenance requirement was requested by the manufacturer. * MDI Continuous -- presently scheduled to officially end on July 11. * Submodes -- On July 12, scheduled to switch to submode 6. Will remain in submode 6 until September. (No SUMER operations planned for August).

3. JOPs status

* Updated JOPs: None * New JOPs: - JOP126, EIT/TRACE/Norikura/Yohkoh SXT, 22 - 06 UT, POC: Louise Harra This is accepted in principle, but the TRACE and EIT parts need revision. For EIT they specify that in Submode #5 they will get only 2x2 binned and not full resolution images. We will revisit this JOP again at upcoming SPWGs. - JOP127, LASCO/EISCAT/Ulysses-HiScale/Nagoya-Toyakawa Nancay/Ooty/MICA/HASTA/HAO-MKIV(?)/TRACE(?)/Others(?) POC: Gareth Lawrence ( This is accepted in principle, but the list of participants needs to be finalized and the EIT bake-out confirmed with 100 % certainty for September 8-11. We will revisit this JOP again at upcoming SPWGs. - JOP128, VLA/SOHO Investigation of the Evolution of the Active Region Corona, 15:00 - 21:00 UT CDS/EIT/MDI/OVRO/VLA/TRACE, EOF contact: Jeff Newmark Accepted.

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Joint observing plans - JOP125 and JOP128 are starting this week (will not elaborate for brevity). - ICAL006 - SERTS launch at 17:30 UT July 26, with window extending to 18:15 UT. POC: Jeff Brosius CDS/EIT/CELIAS/MDI/TRACE/Yohkoh/OVSA/ VLA (12:53 - 00:55 UT)/BBSO/KPNO/Meudon/Coimbra Note, Antenna coverage: DSS-16 prime from 14:10 to 00:45 UT DSS-27 backup from 16:25 to 19:00 UT An updated JOP description is requested. TRACE mentioned that there may be a problem with the request for 1216 A image.. but will discuss internally. An EIT 304 image in the middle of the rocket flight is essential for pointing determination. - JOP100: AR DEM for Coronal Heating and Magnetography Studies, CDS/EIT/MDI/TRACE/Yohkoh/VLA (14-24 UT)/OVSA, July 27 & 30, POC: Jeff Brosius The VLA time spans 10 hours, so CDS will observe 5 regions for 2 hours each. MDI full disk magnetograms (1 minute cadence) is acceptable for support for this JOP. TRACE expressed concern of the amount of target switching. Jeff Brosius will e-mail TRACE (to trace_planner account) to describe/discuss support details with them. The EIT program for this needs to be slightly modified. - July 13-21: MDI mentioned that Sasha Kosovichav was interested in doing sunspot studies and had some time at Sac Peak. The MDI team needs to discuss this request internally to learn more and decide if they will support. If this does become an official campaign, the SOC requests more a write-up and notes that CDS may also be interested in participating. b) Individual instrument plans CDS -- JOP128, JOP100. Sunspot oscillations study (A. Fludra) and Polarity Reversal Monitoring Program (B. Bromage) will be run once per week. CME Onset Watch will be run several times in early July. Oslo Active Region Loops and Sunspot Campaign will be run as a target of opportunity for the last two weeks in July. UVCS -- 30 Jun - 04 Jul -- S. Habbal Coordinated observations during the Mars Global Surveyor conjunction 05 Jul - 09 Jul -- N. Atkins Instrument characterization and standard synoptic 10 Jul - 20 Jul -- M. Povich Measurements of outflow in streamers from spectral line shifts 21 Jul - 27 Jul -- M. Romoli Visible light channel characterization 28 Jul - 30 Jul -- Y-K Ko CME Watch Campaign EIT/LASCO -- Nothing unusual to report. MDI -- End of continuous likely to be either July 11. TRACE -- Encourages coordinated observations for August and early September. Starting mid-September there are already many requests.. so please try to utilize the August and early September period. 13 Jul - 26 Jul - Tracking of polar-crown or QS filament or prominence across the disk c) Intercalibration activities The last ICAL001 was done was on May 22. Werner Curdt from SUMER will be at the weekly meeting this Friday so we will discuss at the weekly as to running an Intercalibration next week.

5. Preview of future months

* See the Monthly Calendar at:

6. AOB

* Next SPWG: Friday, July 21 at 2:00 pm in EAF * REMINDER: DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc.