Friday, 19 May, 2000

1. Review of action items


2. Boundary conditions

* Upcoming Maneuvers/spacecraft activities - No maneuvers foreseen for the current planning period. * MDI Continuous 26 March - 9 July (Actual continuous starts May 24) * Submode changes Change to submode 5 for SUMER support of JOP112, 13-19 June (MEDOC) Change to submode 5 for SUMER support of JOP125, 30 June - 12 July

3. JOPs status

Updated JOPs: - JOP 104 Doppler shifts in X-ray jets, SUMER/CDS/EIT/UVCS/TRACE/HESSI/Yohkoh/MICA/HASTA, Contact: Werner Curdt, Davina Innes UVCS part added. New JOPs: - JOP 125 Evolution of quiescent prominences, SUMER/EIT/TRACE/SVST/DOT/VTT/GCT Jop leader: Eberhard Wiehr (SVST), Werner Curdt/Udo Schuehle(EOF) EIT observations specified as 12-minute cadence full resolution 304 in 10x10 block area (shape may vary), with 195 at the beginning and end. Wondering whether TRACE images should include 195 as well. MDI would like to have confirmed that targets will always be off-limb (not filaments).

4. Priorities for the coming month (W 22-26, 29 May - 2 July)

a) Joint observing plans * Jun 5-18 JOP112 Coordinated SOHO-Ulysses elemental abundance study, UVCS/Ulysses, Contact: Giannina Poletto,Steve Suess(EOF) CDS/SUMER support during 12/13-14/19 June. SUMER X = -600" Giannina Poletto has been contacted to confirm that CDS and SUMER observation dates (12-14 June vs 13-19 June) are ok. * Jun 26 JOP123 Narrow Band Photometry of EUV Emission Lines, MDI/CDS/EIT/TXI(rocket)/TRACE/Yohkoh,within 1700-1900UT. Contacts: Ed DeLuca ( Leon Golub ( Local: Jeff Newmark TRACE may add C IV observations in their plan. EIT may add Fe XV 284 to their plan and coordinate w/CDS. * Jul 1-12 JOP125 Evolution of Quiescent Solar Prominences, SUMER/EIT/TRACE/SVST/DOT/VTT/GCT, Jop leader: Eberhard Wiehr (SVST) Deputy/local: Werner Curdt/Udo Schuehle (EOF) SUMER X = -290" -> towards East limb. * July 1,3,5 & 8, 15:00 - 21:00 UT, EIT/VLA/MDI, EOF contact: Jeff Newmark EIT: Full Disk, 4 bands, 2x2 bin, ~30 minute cadence. TBC MDI: full disk magnetograms, no special observations More information will be made available later. CDS and MDI has been notified about the observations. b) Individual instrument plans CDS -- has been informed that the "Large Sunspots (similar to JOP108)" study scheduled for June 1-6 has been transformed to this: * Jun 1-17 Sunspot dynamics, EFR studies, MDI/TRACE/La Palma (SVST), Contact: Trace Planner. See CDS request diary for upcoming plans: UVCS -- 29 May - 04 Jun L. Zangrilli Latitudinal dependence of H I, Ly-alpha and O VI line profiles 05 Jun - 11 Jun G. Poletto SOHO-Sun-Ulysses quadrature 12 Jun - 18 Jun S. Suess SOHO-Sun-Ulysses quadrature L. Gardner and calibration with Zeta Tau 19 Jun - 29 June M. Uzzo CME Watch Campaign 30 June - 04 July, S. Habbal Coordinated observations during the Mars Global Surveyor conjunction LASCO -- nothing unusual planned. EIT -- Will perform a bakeout June 16-19. MDI -- until July 9, MDI taking full disk magnetograms and dopplergrams (rare exceptions) TRACE -- comments regarding LaPalma campaigns that the morning time (starting 0800 UT) most precious, so try scheduling other observations at other times. Also, they are planning 2-week continuous run on an active region from ~ June 17-30. - See also monthly calendar. c) Intercalibration activities - Intercal 1, Scheduled for week 27

5. Preview of future months

* See the Monthly Calendar at:

6. AOB

* Next SPWG: * TUESDAY *, 27 June at 2:00 pm.