Friday, February 25, 2000

1. Review of action items


2. Boundary conditions

* Upcoming Maneuvers/spacecraft activities - March 6-10, Mini-Recommissioning/gyroless patch activities - Last week in March, Various maneuvers planned (Reaction wheel 4 maintenance, momentum management, station keeping). See note regarding MDI continuous below. * MDI Continuous No MDI 5-day continuous in March due to various constraints. The long 90-day continuous period is currently planned for March 26 - June 25, with first 5 weeks on a best-effort basis. This conflicts with the present maneuver schedule. Alternatives being discussed (after SPWG meeting) are either extending the MDI Continuous or moving the maneuvers a week earlier, prior to MDI Continuous. We'll keep you posted.

3. JOPs status

* Updated JOPs: - JOP 83 High Cadence Activity Studies and the Heating of Coronal Loops, CDS/EIT/MDI/TRACE/Yohkoh. Authors: R. Walsh (St Andrews), J. Ireland (ESA/GSFC) & I. De Moortel (St Andrews) MDI minimum requirement should be clarified. Another contact for EIT should be established (Simon Plunkett is associated with LASCO). - JOP 118 The Temperature Range of the Sunspot 3-minute Oscillations, CDS/EIT/MDI/SUMER/TRACE. Authors: Per Maltby, Nils Brynildsen, Olav Kjeldseth-Moe (Oslo), Edward Breeveld (MSSL), Richard Shine (Lockheed), Klaus Wilhelm (MPAe) OK. Accepted. - JOP 119 Variability and Physical Properties of TILs, CDS/MDI/EIT/TRACE/Yohkoh, Authors: Frantisek Farnik, Michal Varady (AIASCR), Zdenek Svestka (CASS/UCSD), Hugh Hudson (SPRC), Andrzej Fludra (RAL/GSFC) OK. Accepted. * New JOPs: - JOP 120 Formation and Evolution of a Sigmoidal Active Region, CDS/EIT/LASCO/MDI/UVCS/TRACE/YOHKOH SXT/Mees Solar Observatory Submitted by: Alexi Glover CDS, EIT, LASCO -- OK. MDI -- requests minor clarification + length of commitment (full transit of the solar disk or less?) UVCS -- UVCS part should be specified. - JOP 121 Strengthening of H0 Lyman Continuum absorption in disk filaments prior to eruption, CDS/EIT, Submitted by: Oddbjorn Engvold OK - Though may be tricky to get all of EIT's part when not in Submode 6

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Joint observing plans Mar 13-31 JOP121 Strengthening of H0 Lyman Continuum absoprtion in disk filaments prior to eruption, CDS/EIT. Contact: O. Envold (EOF) OK, but with reduced support from EIT while SUMER is operating (telemetry Submode 5 not 6). Also, possible impact of maneuvers. Mar 14-28 MMOP006: H-alpha Linear Polarization in Flares, CDS/Yohkoh/TRACE/Mees/BigBear/Obs.Paris Contact: Jeff Brosius OK. Mar 6-19 JOP119 Variability and Physical Properties of TILs, CDS/MDI/EIT/TRACE/Yohkoh A test run only may be scheduled with Andrzej Fludra as local contact, when CDS's studies are ready to run. March to late May Small Scale Brightening, ../Yohkoh/TRACE/VLA, G. Doyle Gerry Doyle has been contacted for more info. b) Individual instrument plans See calendar. c) Intercalibration activities Intercal001 (SUMER/EIT/CDS/TRACE) scheduled for two runs, March 14 and 15. SUMER requested two runs while at EOF for engineering activities.

5. Preview of future months

* See the Monthly Calendar at:

6. AOB

* Next SPWG meeting, March 17 * SWT March 23-24 in Lindau * VC2 scheduling - MDI will have 2 hours of VC2 during each long contact. (previously given 1 hour). Additional requests via OCD for extra VC2 only, will be given a slight extension to normal OCD deadline (4 pm rather than noon) with the absolute latest being 10 am the same day prior to the start of the long pass. * Work is continuing with the JOP Cookbook/SOHO Users Guide, including instrument contact points. Also, HESSI contacts for each instrument is being established. TRACE contact for HESSI is Harry Warren, for JOPs it is * Roll attitude data from last November will likely be processed by the end of week 9. For periods prior to November, the problem has been brought to the attention of the Program Office, and is being worked on by Flight Dynamics.