SOHO SPWG Meeting Minutes, Monday December 20, 1999

1. Review of action items

None not covered by standard agenda.

2. JOPs status

- UPDATED: * JOP115: [ UV Signatures of Microwave Enhancement in Coronal Holes ] - MDI part made more explicit - NEW: * JOP117: The build-up and triggering Solar Flares Relevant notes: - EIT part as currently described is not possible for more than 1hr, and has to occur during staffed NRT hours. Suggested alternative: EIT's CME Watch program. - MDI High cadence magnetograms are possible when target is outside HiRes FOV if telemetry allows. * JOP118: Pre-Eruptive Filament Structures Relevant notes: - See notes for JOP117 above. Also, 171 Angstrom images from EIT seem redundant when TRACE collaborates.

3. Boundary conditions

- Y2K: No planning/repointing during December 30 - January 2 - Upcoming Maneuvers: None foreseen until March - MDI Continuous * January 13, 14:10 UT - January 18, 08:50 UT

4. Priorities for the coming month (W52 1999 - W 3 2000)

a) Joint observing plans * JOP117: The build-up and triggering Solar Flares Launch window lasts until January 10, 2000 Contact: Brigitte Schmieder (McMurdo), Stein Haugan (EOF). b) Individual instrument plans - See calendar. c) Intercalibration activities * Intercal 1 - January 12, Coordinator: Jack Ireland

5. Preview of future months

* See the Monthly Calendar at:

6. AOB

* Next SPWG: January 21, 2pm local * SOHO 4th anniversary party at EOF (and Y2K party as well!) scheduled for Tuesday January 18, 4pm local. * From now on, submission of material to soc@soc, ecs@soc, and soc@esa, (all in domain) will reach ALL SOHO SOCs. The addresses calendar@esa and jops@esa will continue to work "forever", but we will no longer promote their use. The address should be the easiest to remember for everyone wanting to reach the SOCs. * REMINDER: DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc. SOHO SOCs