SPWG October 15, 1999 Meeting Minutes

1. Review of action items

* Intercal001: TRACE part added, see the JOPs page for either DVI or PS format descriptions: * Action on: N. Gopalswamy Submit new JOP to SOCs: Microwave Enhancement in Coronal Holes, SUMER/EIT/MDI/Nobeyama, to run October 1999, 2300-0700UT

2. Boundary conditions

- Upcoming Maneuvers Leonids Momentum management in preparation for Leonids: November 10 or 12 After SPWG: FDF looking into moving momentum management to Nov 9. Fuel consumption approximately 50g. Instrument plans to be discussed at the SWT. First plans for the Leonids guideline is unchanged: protect the star tracker. This time, the new Coarse Roll Pointing (CRP) mode will be used both for the roll maneuver (~120 degrees) and for roll control (SSU OFF). Instruments should be safed by November 17, 02:20 UT - MDI 5-day Continuous: Nov. 9 at 19:35 UT - Nov. 16 at 07:50 UT

3. Priorities for the coming month

a) Joint observing plans - JOP113: The Triggering and Evolution of Solar Flares SUMER/BBSO/TRACE/Yohkoh SXT SUMER participates when in high rate (Submode 4), and may contribute (w/Loops on Limb Study) when target is AR on limb. MDI expects to participate most of the time when receiving high rate. - JOP107: Lyman Line Series in Prominences and Lyman Continua (#6235),W44 SUMER/CDS POC:Terry Kucera - Transit of Mercury, see In EIT FOV November 15, 17:42 - November 16, 01:42 UT approximately, times depend on definitive orbit. SSR will be ON for this time period. SUMER will not be on since it is not an occultation, would not improve stray light asessment. - Microwave Enhancement in Coronal Holes to be run during October (see action item on N. Gopalswamy) b) Individual instrument plans MDI -- Time/Distance Study of Active Regions, and/or Flare Watch. (November) Support of JOP113 when possible, and/or Oslo's uninterrupted AR study. TRACE -- Eclipse Season (November 7, 1999 - February 5, 2000). Satellite has day/night cycle; Operations to be kept as simple as possible. Continuous 4-panel mosaic limb study (20 Nov - 6 Dec) CDS -- Oslo sunspot/AR loops studies (W43, when not in submode 4), no support for other studies, impact to synoptic studies expected. EIT -- Bakeout during Submode 4, Oct 29 - Nov 01 SUMER -- Loop diagnostics on the Limb, possible coordination with JOP113. UVCS -- Intercal009 will most likely not be run in W43 LASCO -- Nothing unusual, C2/C3 synoptics continue. c) Intercalibration activities * Intercal001: W44, SUMER participation TBC with U. Schuehle * A new Intercal between TRACE, EIT (possibly also CDS) being discussed by T. Tarbell/J. Newmark.

4. Preview of future months

* Not many changes since last time, see the Monthly Calendar at: * JOP112 Coordinated SOHO-Ulysses elemental abundance study December 4-12. Some SUMER/CDS commanding from MEDOC.

5. JOPs status

* UPDATED: JOP104 Doppler shifts in X-ray jets SUMER diagnostics part changed

6. New JOPs

* JOP112, Coordinated SOHO-Ulysses elemental abundance study. UVCS/SUMER/CDS/LASCO/Ulysses, Leader: Giannina Poletto The JOP was accepted, though CDS part needs to be specified by Barbara Bromage. * JOP113, The triggering and evolution of Solar Flares TRACE/Yohkoh/CDS/SUMER/MDI, Leader: Jake Wolfson/Lyndsay Fletcher The JOP was accepted.

7. AOB

* Next SPWG: - Friday, November 19 at 2:00 pm. (To avoid the Thanksgiving holidays). * REMINDER: DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc.