SPWG, FRIDAY September 17, 1999 Meeting Minutes

1. Review of action items

* Intercal001. Check status of potential updates. There are no updates, and TRACE team needs clarification on how the data is being used. Action item on Jeff Newmark: To explain all the uses for Intercalibration data to TRACE.

2. Boundary conditions

- Upcoming Maneuvers None planned in October, barring gyroless activities that spill into the first week. - MDI Continuous OCD for MDI's October Continuous due by noon local on September 30. Continuous from October 13 at ~ 16:00 UT -- October 19 at ~ 07:55 UT.

3. Priorities for the coming month

a) Joint observing plans * MEDOC Campaign Isabelle Scholl (MEDOC) presented an overview of programs to be run which have been placed into the SOHO calendar. They will run a flexible program that can be adapted due to Gyroless Activities if needed. Pending S/C cooperation, Laura Roberts (SOC) will travel to MEDOC to support activities for the second week of campaign. TRACE will have a TRACE coordinator at the EOF (aside from their planner), to coordinate with MEDOC. Meeting schedule: - Daily meetings (at MEDOC) at 11:00 local time - reports sent to EOF before 15:00 local time (10:00 GSFC time) - Target: all SUMER commands loading before 19:00 UT - Target Weekly Meeting dates: Sep 30 Weekly Meeting at MEDOC at 10:00 local Preliminary report sent to EOF before (11:00 GSFC time) Oct 08 Weekly Meeting at MEDOC at 10:00 local Unchanged: Commanding, Telemetry, Data mirroring Creating a batch e-mail account: to reach all campaign participants. * Other joint observations - JOP103, SUMER participation is still to-be-confirmed as the JOP leader has just finished presenting justification to the SUMER team. b) Individual instrument plans MDI -- Coordination with TRACE and LaPalma high priority. They may split their October continuous into two parts: running both full disk and high resolution modes. They will support MEDOC programs when they can. TRACE -- LaPalma is highest priority. CDS -- During week 43, they will be performing Olso studies and will not be available for collaborations. EIT -- CME watch 2x2 binned, will perform bake-out prior to JOP057 from October 8-11. LASCO -- Carrying on with C2 and C3 synoptics. UVCS -- participating in MEDOC campaign. performing Slow Wind studies with ACE and then a week of calibration work. c) Intercalibration activities * Intercal001 -- Udo Schuehle suggested, Week 43 however this is not good for CDS. TRACE suggested Week 42. However, TRACE may want to perform an Intercal during week44, just for the sake of data comparision (during a time when it is known that the data will be degraded). TRACE to check and see if this is desired. The SOC checked with SUMER after the meeting: Udo will try to make arrangements with SUMER to have the Intercal run in week 42 or 44, whichever is better for TRACE. * Intercal_9 (UVCS/SUMER) scheduled for Tuesday 26. Oct., 15:00 to 24:00 UT.

4. Preview of future months

* Not many changes since last time, see the Monthly Calendar at:

5. JOPs status

- Review of JOPs as number approaches/reaches 100. Status: Postponed until after September 1999.

6. New JOPs

SOC has not received reply from SUMER yet regarding these JOPS, but since some SUMER members are co-authors, will assume okay for now and verify prior to campaign. Here are comments from other teams for each: * Updated JOP009 -- Prominences Diagnostics and Dynamics: from Maria Madjarska. CDS, SUMER and EIT. Seemed okay to CDS. EIT cannot run program requested and will get in contact with JOP coordinator to work out a new program. Status: When EIT program has been re-worked, will place on WWW. * Updated JOP058 --- "Search of propagating waves over the chromospheric network" F. Baudin et al. CDS, SUMER and MDI This would be run during the next MEDOC campaign (4 - 17 October). CDS and MDI think it is okay. MDI noted they would supply magnetograms based on DSN and LaPalma constraints. Status: Will be placed on WWW as an updated JOP058. * JOP111 -- SEARCH FOR A RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CORONAL MICROFLARES AND TRANSITION REGION EVENTS, SUMER/TRACE/MDI/CDS/EIT B. Kliem et al. TRACE is okay with the program, but scheduling this is the problem. They do not want to run during LaPalma, and suggest after February 2000. EIT would like a more defined program. Status: When EIT program has been re-worked, will place on WWW. SOC will notify Bernhard Kliem about TRACE scheduling and see if he wants to perform a test run without TRACE in 1999.

7. AOB

* Please welcome new ESA SOC, Stein Haugan. * Next SPWGs/SWT: - Friday, October 15 at 2:00 pm. Please submit JOPs by October 10. - October 21-22 is the SWT at GSFC. * REMINDER: DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc. --- end of minutes.