SPWG, FRIDAY July 23, 1999 Meeting Minutes

1. Review of action items

- None Open, but just 2 comments left over from last meeting: * Max Millennium Campaign -- Joe Gurman extended invitation to Drs. Canfield and Dennis to the October SWT meeting. * Intercal001. We will just check at every monthly meeting the status of this as TRACE is still reaching a consensus. General comment from EIT was there should probably be a few versions of this. - New action item: Craig DeForest to update or create a JOP for the North polar plume study, such that it can be incorporated into Whole Sun Month.

Boundary conditions

- Upcoming Maneuvers: None in August. Gyroless Activities in September: See calendar and daily meeting minutes from yesterday. - MDI Continuous The next MDI continuous is August 26 at 07:10 UT to September 1 at 02:45 UT We ask that MDI submit OCD for this activity by August 12, noon local time. - Overview of Submode Switches for August Submode #5 from July 30-August 9. Submode #6 from August 9-19 Submode #5 from August 19-31

3. Priorities for the coming month

a) Joint observing plans - Eclipse, August 11, 1999 DSN Coverage for Eclipse Day: DSS-61 05:40 - 15:15 DSS-66 07:30 - 13:35 (Back-up antenna) DSS-16 13:15 - 02:00 Expedition requests received were reviewed as well as instrument plans. TRACE will not be looking at the poles. There is an expedition to Syria, but not much is known about it, except that Silvano Fineschi requested some LASCO support for it. When information becomes available, it will be added to the site. - Whole Sun Month #3 See, The WSM#3 calendar at that site was reviewed and JOP109 was discussed. b) Individual instrument plans - SUMER -- SUMER operations for August already discussed & well planned. New information regarding future plans came this morning from Klaus Wilhelm: The next SUMER operation after August will be from MEDOC in October. We then will continue from the EOF in week 42 with Enrico Landi as planner. The next week will be covered by Bernhard Kliem and the following one by Don Hassler. Werner Curdt, Udo Schuehle, Dietmar Germerott, Chris Maroney and I will be present in overlapping periods as well. Thus we should be able to run SUMER quite efficiently, and it might be useful to solicit science proposal at this stage and prepare for the campaign in fine detail. Our apologies, of course, go to our EIT friends, but this is probably the last SUMER operation in this millennium. We will not try to cover the Mercury transit. In week 44, however, we will run a few days (3) in high telemetry mode. Richard Harrison agreed for CDS. Werner Curdt will, together with the EOF teams, try to work out a minimal impact scheme. - CDS -- Other than joint observations (eclipse, WSM#3, etc..) planned: Extended corona observations during the first week of August (run once for ~ 14 hours). Coronal hole boundary studies also planned for first week of August. Oslo active region loops & sunspots continue to be a target of opportunity. - UVCS -- See UVCS WWW page, under observations planned and completed: DATES LEAD SCIENTIST GOALS 02-08 Aug M. Uzzo CME Watch 09-15 Aug S. Fineschi Eclipse support observations 18-24 Aug D. Dobrzycka Streamers and CH boundries (E Limb); Nu or Alpha Leo star observations. 25-29 Aug J. Raymond Streamers and CH observations with full spectral coverage for electron temperature; high spatial resolution OVI observations for density; Rho Leo star observations. 30 Aug-04 Sep Y-K. Ko Str. obs. (W Limb); slow speed wind properties 05-11 Sep S. Giordano Global coronal scan (W. Limb) to include streamers and Quiet Sun 12-15 Sep L.Strachan DD velocities of streamers at R >> 5 Rsun coordinated observations with EISCAT IPS measurements also include spectral lines for J. Raymond - LASCO/EIT -- Nothing new. No EIT bakeouts planned. - MDI -- monitoring AR belt through high resolution FOV a priority. - TRACE -- LaPalma coordination Aug 9-23 and BBSO on August 24-25. c) Intercalibration activities ICAL001 scheduled for Friday, August 6. CDS/SUMER/EIT/TRACE, Contact: Udo Schuehle Two runs of Intercal001 First run of ICAL001 at/after 16:00 UT on one SUMER detector then 3 hours of NRT Second run of ICAL001 on the other SUMER detector UVCS unlikely to support the Intercal as this involves disk observations. All others will support.

4. Preview of future months

: * See the Monthly Calendar at:

5. JOPs status

- Review of JOPs as number approaches/reaches 100. Status: Postponed until after September 1999.

6. New JOPs

- JOP109: Temperature and Density Structure of the Solar Corona TRACE, Yohkoh SXT, UVCS, EIT, LASCO

7. AOB

- REMINDER: DSN support should be requested at least 6 months in advance. Keep this in mind for: ground-based collaborations that require MDI support, stellar observations that require NRT, etc. - Campaign Catalogue: 100+ messages sent out yesterday to Campaign Coordinators from October 1998 - present day to remind people to update with relevant information. - Next SPWGs: Meeting times shifted to afternoon for TRACE participation. Friday, August 20 at 2:00 pm. Friday, September 17 at 2:00 pm. Friday, October 15 at 2:00 pm. October 21-22 is the SWT at GSFC. --- end of minutes