SPWG, FRIDAY May 21, 1999 Meeting Minutes.

1. Review of action items

- None Open

2. Boundary conditions

- Upcoming Maneuvers: o June Momentum Management and Station Keeping Activities UPDATED AFTER THE SPWG: Activities have been reduced to one day: June 17. June 18th will be a maneuver backup day if needed, otherwise instruments can recover on June 18th. o Star Sensor Unit (SSU) Patch Reload. As you are aware, we need to reload a Star Sensor Unit (SSU) patch. There is NO DATE scheduled when this will be performed. As with other maneuvers, attempts will be made to schedule this upload with several weeks advance notice; however, in the event of unforseen circumstances which requires swift action, the advanced warning may be as short as 5 days. The SSU patch reload involves roughly 2 hours without roll control, and a possibility of going into low rate telemetry if roll rate is excessive. No pitch and yaw excursions are expected. The patch reload should look similar to when we lost the last guidestar (i.e. May 20). o Gyroless Activities: Still Planned for Sept 7/8-17. Meeting on 7th, begin activities 8-17th No other information available on these activities. - MDI Continuous, ends June 14 at 01:50 UT. The next MDI continuous is July 15 at 04:10 UT to July 20 at 07:20 UT We ask that MDI submit OCD for this activity by July 1, noon local time.

3. Priorities for the coming month

a) Joint observing plans See JOPs section below (4) and monthly calendar. * There was some confusion for the dates June 7 - 9. After some discussion (during and after the SPWG), the SOC has reached the conclusion, that this program is running June 7-9: Active Region Streamer Study, 15-24 UT CDS/SUMER/UVCS/Yohkoh (offpointing)/TRACE (18-24 UT) Contacts: John Raymond (UVCS) If there are any other programs, that someone is requesting for these days, they should be brought to the attention of the appropriate instrument teams and SOHO SOC quickly. b) Individual instrument plans CDS -- individual instrument activities have been placed in the calendar by appropriate weeks. (Quiet Sun Study, Wave Study, Trapped Waves, OSLO AR loop and sunspot campaigns.) Of note, a long duration polar campaign starting June 9 immediately after Streamer Study, or beginning of June 10 and running for 5 days to June 14/15. Continuous 5 day sequence on selected polar region, not to be interrupted by any other Studies. SUMER -- (E-mail from Klaus Wilhelm) I will be at the EOF from 27 May 1999 to 11 June 1999. In week 22 the planner is me and in week 23 Harry Warren. During the first week (W22), SUMER will support JOP 103 and the Quiet Sun Study, CDS/SUMER, if this is Eoghan O'Shea's Si VIII sequence. With SUMER, I will concentrate on spicules and macrospicules with or without cooperation. If there is a chance, I will continue Werner's sunspot observations by making time sequences in a limited spectral window. In the second week (W23), it is up to Harry to decide on the detailed programme, but we will go along with the TRACE/MDI etc. sunspot JOP and hope to do Davina's X-ray jet study as well. Because of the maneuvers in week 24, we will close the door at the end of week 23. There will be no further operation of SUMER before August 1999, when Philippe will execute the Sun as a Star and the star observations. TRACE -- (Comment and input via e-mail), TRACE plans were updated at: Please note: this schedule contains all requests received, with some conflicts resolved, but generally no firm commitment can be or has been made until approximately one week ahead of time! Other instrument representatives present had no special comments. c) Intercalibration activities ICAL001 -- Is scheduled for June 3 ICAL001, CDS/SUMER/EIT/TRACE (TBC), EOF: Jeff Newmark run after 18 UT to allow TRACE participation. Will run after 18 UT, to allow TRACE to participate if they would like to join in after LaPalma studies. ICAL006 -- Scheduled for June 24. Intercalibration 006: SOHO/SERTS Cross Calibration SERTS rocket/CDS/CELIAS/EIT/TRACE/Yohkoh SERTS rocket launch at 17:00 UT. Observations: 17:02-17:09 UT, Launch window: 17-18 UT, Contact: Barbara Thompson/Roger Thomas CDS and MDI agreed it would be okay to turn SSR on during critical CDS rocket support times (roughtly 45 minutes before and after the launch time). An OCD will be worked out with the SOC later as to operational details.

3. Preview of future months

* SOHO Eclipse Site ( After some discussion, during and after the SPWG, the following was agreed by SOCs and Project Scientists: Deadline for eclipse requests or JOPs in by Sunday, July 18. On July 19, SOC will place inputs on WWW (with appropriate "TBC at SPWG" banners). At the SPWG on 23 July, sort out conflicts and update after SPWG. SOHO Expedition Support and Experiment Plans links will be commented out of the WWW page until July 19. * See:

5. JOPs status

- Review of JOPs as number approaches/reaches 100. Still to be performed. Unlikely to occur until after an ESA SOC is hired and moves to the EOF (not before September). Comment from Project Scientists: It would be nice if the JOP leaders could provide feedback as to what scientific journal publications have resulted from these JOPs. (journal publications, not AAS poster papers..!). - Updated JOPs: JOP057 and ICAL006 were discussed briefly.

6. New JOPs

JOP108 --- Accepted. CDS to support where possible. CDS cannot support June 10-15. (Info can be added to JOP later..)

7. AOB

- Next SPWG: Friday, June 11th. Please submit joint observing proposals, by June 5th (YES, we know this is early in the month -- but there were many constraints to work around...! ) - Just a reminder for everyone to plan ahead and communicate. The most successful science operations are usually those in which preparation has been done a few months ahead of time. DSN support is requested six months in advance typically. Let us know of any special or rare science observations * at least * 6 months in advance so that we can make proper provisions for it. In addition, notify us of your instrument engineering activities (EIT bake-outs, for example) that may take away from science operations. The SOHO community is made up of many people world-wide. This type of information MUST be on the SOHO calendar. -- end of minutes.