SPWG Meeting Minutes, Friday, April 23 1999

Chair/Notes: Laura Roberts (SOC) Attendees: Isabelle Scholl (MEDOC), Jeff Newmark (EIT), Frederic Auchere (EIT), Doug Biesecker, Andrzej Fludra (CDS),' Jeff Brosius, Julia Saba (MDI), Craig DeForest (MDI). Kuen Ko (UVCS), John Raymond (UVCS), Karel Schrijver (TRACE), Mike Andrews (LASCO), Joe Gurman (EIT).

1. Review of action items

- None Open

2. Boundary conditions

* Upcoming Maneuvers o May 18. Momentum Management. o mid- June or early July (Dates still to be determined) Momentum Management / Station Keeping / Momentum Mangeament Depending on when the June/July maneuver is scheduled.. the May momentum management may have to be lengthened. Basically, there are still issues being worked. o Gyroless Spacecraft Activities postponed until September 7/8-17. Meeting on Sept 7, activities September 8-17. * MDI Continuous, ends June 14 at 01:50 UT. * Whole Sun Month #3, August 18 - September 14 They may try to slide the dates forward slightly, due to gyroless spacecraft activities; but then WSM#3 coordinator staffing becomes an issue. Probably won't change their plans much.. in the event S/C activities slip later, see how events progress. * Other Operations Items: After the last SPWG, ESA management decided that the submode patches (2, 3) would only be reloaded when needed.

3. Priorities for the coming month

a) MEDOC Campaign ----------------- Isabelle Scholl presented an overview of the operations, etc. from viewgraphs made by Jean-Claude Vial. Summary follows: Scientific Program: ------------------- What is proposed on the calendar results from compromises which take into account what was known at the moment. Priorities are given to JOPs involving ground-based observatories. Not much * free time * is left for last minute inputs, this is something to think about for the next Campaign. Problems with GBO coordinations: priority criteria (first on the calendar..? are these JOPs systematically of top priority? How do we know the exact GBO time allocation?) Problems with the interpretion of the OK coming from PIs: may be a general OK for the contents of the proposed program but not necessarily for the whole observing program..) The SOC push for establishing or updating JOPs helps. Operations: ----------- An operations overview was presented, and a schedule of meeting information was placed into the monthly calendar after the meeting. b) Joint observing plans ------------------------ See sections 5 and 6 below for updated and new JOPs for MEDOC campaign. See monthly calendar for JOP scheduling information. c) Individual instrument plans ------------------------------- SUMER -- Input from Klaus Wilhelm via e-mail: Following the MEDOC campaign, I plan to come to GSFC and operate SUMER until 18 June 1999. In week 22, I will be the planner, in week 23, Harry Warren will do the SUMER planning. From 14 to 18 June 1999, a long exposure (Sun as a Star, P. Lemaire) will run, before we stop the operations for at least one month. We will operate SUMER in late August, but detailed plans before and after that campaign are not yet available. In June we hope to cooperate with MDI, TRACE and other groups (including ground-based) and support JOPs as required. We will run detectors A and B (detailed schedule TBD) and allow single raster scans (according to our new ground rules). There is no request for SUMER observations during the eclipse, and we would have difficulties in supporting such observations. So, we do not plan observations. CDS -- CDS will continue the synoptic and monitoring programme, as always, as well as the weekend plans which include the off-limb spectra and scans for velocity events. Aside from JOPs, individual plans for May are: * ACTIVE REGION STUDIES, Week of April 26 to May 2 Sarah Matthews - * Targets of Opportunity for May: - WAVE STUDY, Andrzej Fludra. quiet Sun centre run for periods of 8 hours at a time. Choose several pointings (in MDI hi-res fov if MDI participates). - TRAPPED WAVES, Yu-Qing Lou (Chicago), A. Poland and A. Fludra Point to the limb in a polar coronal hole. Repeat 24-36 times with the same pointing. Option (lower priority): point to an equatorial coronal hole and follow with solar rotation for 24 hrs. DURATION: 24-36 hrs. UVCS -- Schedule of Plans for UVCS are: Date Planner Program ----- ------- -------- 03-09 May Kuen Ko Extended synoptic (standard synoptic plus additional heights and position angles) 10-16 May L.Strachan Extended synoptic 17-23 May C. Halas Coordinated Sac Peak and UVCS observations of the transition from fast to slow solar wind in the inner corona as a function of solar activity. 24-30 May S. Suess Coordinated observations with Ulysses EIT -- No unusual plans. MDI -- Continue continuous. After May 18th, will look at the Sun and if a promising AR target arises, may switch to a high resolution campaign. When a decision is made they will continue taking high resolution magnetograms for a week minimum. TRACE -- From May 18th onward, during the hours of 7-16 UT they will be collaborating with LaPalma.. and will probably want to stick with the LaPalma target after 16 UT also. (that is.. they will not be able to support as many requests). d) Intercalibration activities ------------------------------ It was decided to postpone another ICAL001 to first or second week of June. Will discuss at next SPWG.

4. Preview of future months

- August Eclipse A SOHO WWW eclipse site is on-line linked to the Operations page: http://sohowww/soc/aug1999_eclipse/ An announcement has been made to Solar News. One request has been received for SOHO expedition support by Jay Pasachoff for LASCO and EIT support. (LASCO & EIT informed). - See Monthly Calendar at

5. JOPs status

* Review of JOPs as number approaches/reaches 100. Still to be performed. * Updated JOPs: * JOP017: Dynamics of Arch Filament Systems ------------------------------------------ Updates acceptable by participants. * JOP038, Diagnostic of Coronal Bright Points -------------------------------------------- CDS and SUMER -- studies being updated/modified. TRACE -- for TRACE participation should be run outside of 7-16 UT for 20-23 May TRACE coordinating with LaPalma heavily after May 18 EIT -- backup for TRACE if TRACE unavailable. Cannot support suggested 2 minute cadence observations. EIT portion of JOP should be modified. MDI - okay, will support on best-effort basis * JOP078: Variability and Properties of the QS Supergranular Network & Internetwork ----------------------------------------------------------- Participants: MDI/SUMER/CDS/EIT/TRACE MDI -- cannot support with requested campaign. can supply either full disk or high resolution dopplergrams and magnetograms, TBD CDS -- okay, needs more detailed schedule from Werner Curdt. Andrzej Fludra to e-mail Werner after the meeting. EIT -- cannot perform this sequence, must be rewritten EIT can do a 304 A at 6 minute cadence for 1 or 2 hours during that time, after 12:00 or 12:30 UT If JOP078 is run on Sunday May 9, EIT may not be able to participate. TRACE -- looks okay, may not be able to support on May 7 due to VAULT launch, * JOP096: Magnetic flux emergence in active regions --------------------------------------------------- Participants: CDS, SUMER, MDI, EIT, TRACE - CDS needs to review the JOP. - SUMER comments they will need detector A for C IV line. - TRACE cannot support on May 13th, need to have sequence defined for TRACE, not in JOP proposal. - MDI will give full-disk high cadence magnetograms on dates indicated. - EIT may do the 304 A at 10 minute cadence but not the other lines. EIT will provide a suggestion to the JOP coordinator. * The following JOPs were not updated but need to be: ---------------------------------------------------- - Network boundary thickness CDS/SUMER/MDI/TRACE (S. Patsourakos) (variation of JOP040) Let's either update JOP040 or make a new JOP... TRACE would like to see some information & has not been contacted. - JOP022 needs to be updated. TRACE info needs to be added. EIT cannot participate in current JOP description.

6. New JOPs

See: * JOP101 -- Doppler Shifts and Line Widths of Helium Lines and their Relation to the Line Formation. Hardi Peter SUMER/CDS/EIT/MDI/TRACE + ground-based JOP101 Status: Accepted. * JOP102 -- Structure of Coronal Holes with Plumes. Barbara Bromage. CDS/SUMER/EIT/MDI/TRACE JOP102 Comments: SUMER -- may need to modify sequence MDI and EIT provide best effort support. TRACE -- cannot support at times requested and cannot provide the lines requested. * JOP103 -- Transition Region Moss. Bart de Pontieu. CDS/MDI/TRACE/Yohkoh/SVST JOP103 Status: Accepted. SUMER initially not involved; however, discussion with B. de Pontieu ongoing, whether SUMER support would be useful * JOP104 -- Doppler shifts in X-ray jets. Davina Innes. planned for May 3 - 17 as SUMER JOP SUMER/CDS/TRACE/Yohkoh JOP104 Status: Accepted. * JOP105 -- Low Corona Diagnostics. Jean Arnaud. CDS/EIT/Mauna Loa Solar Observatory (MLSO) JOP105 Status: Accepted with the comment that CDS will supply a new sequence which is in preparation. * JOP106 -- Sigmoidal active region study for Whole Sun Month #3 CDS/MDI/LASCO/EIT/Yohkoh SXT/TRACE and multiple ground-based observatories JOP106 Status: Still being developed. * JOP107 -- Lyman lines series in prominences and Lyman continua TRACE/SUMER/CDS/EIT, B. Schmieder JOP107 Status: Has already been run, however JOP description needs TRACE sequences specified.

7. AOB

* Next SPWG: Friday, May 21 For joint observing programs to be run in June, PLEASE submit JOPs by Sunday, May 16 for review at the SPWG. Thanks to all who wrote up their JOPs.. this worked very well. * Not announced at SPWG, but tagging this into the minutes for distribution: MDI is now able to measure the spacecraft roll on a minute-to-minute basis using the 5-kilobit science (the LOI-binned dopplergrams). The measured roll angle is (a priori) accurate to about 0.5 degree. A roll history of SOHO for the last several weeks, built and maintained by Phil Scherrer, is at "". The measured roll history does not agree especially well with the reported roll history. Both Luis Sanchez and Phil Scherrer are looking into the reasons for the discrepancies. Luis has written a set of notes on the observed features and effects in the SOHO roll telemetry; those notes are at "". Ajourned: 12:20 pm ---- end of minutes