Chair/Notes: Laura Roberts (SOC) Attendees: Julia Saba (MDI), Harry Warren (TRACE/SAO), Jeff Brosius (Raytheon ITSS) Nick Piston (FOT), Luis Sanchez (ESA), Arya Akmal (UVCS), Yuan-Kuen Ko (UVCS), Michael Uzzo (UVCS), Andrezj Fludra (CDS), Simon Plunkett (LASCO), Bernhard Fleck (ESA), Joe Gurman (NASA) Doug Biesecker, Jeff Newmark (EIT)

1. Review of action items

- None Open

2. Boundary conditions

- Upcoming Maneuvers o May, during week 20. Momentum Management needed. To satisfy a spacecraft constraint that the net momentum on the reaction wheels should be positive rather than negative. Possibility exists that the constraint could be waived. Most likely date for the manuever is May 18th, but this has not yet been confirmed. o June Momentum Management / Station Keeping / Momentum Mangeament and then gyroless spacecraft software patches. Station Keeping should be ~ 500 grams of fuel. No dates determined yet for these activities, but will not be before the end of MDI continuous contact. - MDI Continuous, ends June 13th. - Whole Sun Month #3, August 18 - September 14 Doug Biesecker is working with Karin Muglach such that JOP097 will be incorporated into whole Sun Month. So there will be no conflict with JOP097 scheduled for 10-20 September. - Other Operations Items: * Additional DSN time has been requested to support: - JOP097 (September 10-20), so MDI high rate is available between 7-17 UT. - MEDOC campaign (September 27-October 17), so MDI high rate is available between 8-12 UT. In addition, a backup antenna has been requested for supporting eclipse observations. * The additional submode patches (other than 5 and 6) were not re-loaded on-board the S/C. This will be scheduled shortly, such that they will be available if needed.

3. Priorities for the coming month

a) Joint observing plans See monthly calendar. b) Individual instrument plans CDS -- Other than activities already listed on the calendar: TITLE: FLARE STUDY, DATES: March 30 to April 2 inclusive CONTACT: Anja Czaykowska - Anticipate many hours of sit and stare in 'wait' mode or just an hour or two in the interrupt mode. Perhaps anticipate 2-3 runs of 6-8 hours on a suitable active region. TITLE: WAVE STUDY, DATES: March/April Raster to be run at quiet Sun centre run for periods of 8 hours at a time. CONTACT: Andrzej Fludra TITLE: TRAPPED WAVES ACTIVITY: Run GMODE raster. Point to the limb in a polar coronal hole Duration - 24-36 hrs. Option (lower priority): point to an equatorial coronal hole and follow with solar rotation for 24 hrs. CONTACT: Yu-Qing Lou (Chicago), A. Poland and A. Fludra TITLE: LOOP STUDIES, DATES: Week of 5-11 April ACTIVITY: Run LOOPS_3 on quiet Sun targets and PROFILE on active region targets. CONTACT: Jack Ireland SUMER -- (extracted from e-mail from Werner Curdt) plan to come to the EOF in the evening of Thursday, 29-Apr-99. The idea is to attend the weekly planning on Friday, and to resume SUMER operations in the second half of Friday. For this exercise, we need submode 5. During the weekend we want to setup the instrument for JOPs 95 and 78 and to perform non-campaign type operations. We will try to run the instrument in an ultra-stable mode for these oscillation programmes..... The Tenerife observatories will be operational from Tuesday, 4-May-99 onwards. Davina will also be at the EOF. She will co-ordinate her x-ray jets campaign with Yohkoh and Trace. This activity extends into the next week, which almost guarantees a smooth transition into the MEDOC#3 campaign. For our activities, it does not really matter, when the handover will take place. We will leave GSFC on Thursday, assuming that any remainders in the timeline can be handled from MEDOC and don't need additional support from us. UVCS -- During week 15, OVI detector work, CME watch main priority. EIT -- synoptic and full field, full resolution images in Submode 6. LASCO -- Usual synoptic. Commented on objectives of the VAULT rocket flight scheduled for April 21. VAULT = Very high resolution Advanced Ultraviolet Telescope It's the succesor of the HRTS series using CCD instead of film. It's a zero dispersion spetroheliograph. Resolution is about 0.25 arcsec. In this flight we will observe Lya (1216A). FOV = 4.3'x 6.4'. Target will be a suitable active region close to central meridian. The coordinators have not made specific requests yet as to what LASCO and EIT support is desired. MDI -- So far during the 1999 Continuous Dynamics run, MDI has been taking one-minute cadence, full-disk magnetograms and Dopplergrams cropped at 480 pixels (compared to a solar limb radius of about 490 pixels, so that the outer 10 pixels near the limb are lost). For the next two weeks, the high-rate magnetogram radius will cover 492 pixels (i.e., the whole disk) while the Dopplergrams remain cropped to a 480-pixel radius. Then for the next month, the high-rate magnetograms will be cropped to a 480-pixel radius while the Dopplergrams will cover the whole disk. The synoptic (96-minute cadence) full-disk magnetograms cover the whole disk throughout. In the last 30 days of the continuous contact, a high-resolution magnetogram may be brought down instead of the cropped full-disk magnetogram. The decision on whether this change will be made depends on analysis of data from the first half of the period. c) Intercalibration activities Intercalibration 001 will be in Week 15. CDS, EIT and possibly TRACE will participate.

4. Preview of future months

- April 30, SUMER resumes operations. - May - May 15 - June 7: TRACE & SVST coordination. Contact: Tom Berger. TRACE representative did not have information concerning what ground based observations and science priorities would be the goals during this collaboration. - IPS measurements (see calendar) - MEDOC campaign Jean-Claude Vial sent Laura Roberts a list of activities that has been placed in the calendar. Basically, the SPWG would like to see joint observations written up as JOPs and have them in place for the next April SPWG. Laura will send Jean-Claude an e-mail message with details of the discussion. - August Eclipse A SOHO WWW eclipse site has been developed and will be linked to the SOHO Operations page in another week or so. No requests have been received yet for SOHO to support any expeditions. An announcement will be made to Solar News in the near future regarding this. - See Monthly Calendar at

5. JOPs status

- NEW version of: JOP097 -- Karin Muglach OSCILLATIONS IN SUNSPOTS AND ACTIVE REGIONS TRACE, MDI, EIT, Tenerife VTT and GCT, LaPalma DOT and SVST MDI will support this. TRACE has replied to Karin that it was too early to commit yet. JOP accepted. - Review of JOPs as number approaches/reaches 100. Still to be performed.

6. New JOPs

- JOP099 FILAMENT-PROMINENCE-CME MAGNETIC EVOLUTION STUDY Gabriela Bagala ( CDS, TRACE; (synoptic: MDI, LASCO, EIT, SXT. Ground based: HASTA, MICA). This JOP was accepted under the condition that the MDI portion be re-written since MDI does not take synoptic high resolution magnetograms. - JOP100 Short title: Active Region DEM for Heating and Magnetography Studies J.W. Brosius (Raytheon ITSS at GSFC): W.T. Thompson (SAC at GSFC): S.M. White (U. Maryland): CDS, VLA, Yohkoh/SXT, EIT, TRACE, MDI, and GBOs This JOP was accepted. Some suggestions need to be made regarding TRACE and perhaps additional EIT support.. this will be worked off-line and the JOP updated as necessary.

7. AOB

- Next SPWG: Friday, April 23 ---- end of minutes