November SPWG Meeting Minutes

Chair: Piet Martens (ESA/SOC) Minutes: Laura Roberts (NASA/SOC) Present: Klaus Wilhelm (SUMER), Peter Bochsler (CELIAS), Craig DeForest (MDI), Julia Saba (MDI), Russ Howard (LASCO), John Kohl (UVCS), Joe Michels (UVCS), Jeff Newmark (EIT), Joe Gurman (EIT & NASA PS), Simon Plunkett (LASCO), Bernhard Fleck (ESA PS), Luis Sanchez (ESA), Andrzej Fludra (CDS)

1. Review of action items

* None Open

2. Preview of future months

* Medoc Campaign in January To be discussed at the next SPWG on December 4, with MEDOC representative(s) present * See Monthly Calendar at

3. Boundary conditions for the coming month

* MDI Continuous, November 28, 15:05 UT - December 4, 7:40 UT

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Individual instrument plans CDS -- In November, would like to run active region study preferably of active region near the limb. Would also like to collaborate with MDI on quiet sun and blinker studies. Starting December 7, performing GIS raw dumps for several weeks during NRT periods. Explosive event studies also planned. EIT -- EIT will concentrate on full disk, full resolution images while now in submode #6. In the future, they want to stay away from sub-field images. SUMER -- Door closed and not observing until the MEDOC campaign. Philippe Lemaire, Karine Bocchialini, and Udo Schuehle will be planning during MEDOC campaign. MDI -- After the Leonids, will be moving their legs to perform flat-fielding activities. During part of December, they want to keep things simple for staffing considerations and stick to one campaign for several days. Examples are a full disk campaign or a high-resolution FOV active region study (should the Sun co-operate). LASCO -- Still checkouts of C1 with the C1 door closed. LASCO plans to support the NEAR collaboration with synoptic program. They would like to add in a weekly polarization observation of all colours, once per week for a year. UVCS -- 30 Nov - 6 Dec: Coordinated observations with Ulysses 7 Dec - 13 Dec: Synoptic & Interstellar Focusing Cone 14 Dec - 10 Jan: East Limb CME watch with NEAR, standard synoptic & calibration b) Intercalibration activities ICAL01 will not be scheduled in December, will be scheduled during the January MEDOC campaign while SUMER is on. c) Joint observing plans * Potential for Joint Observations with NEAR S/C of East limb CME's (see: UVCS is planning on spending 10 hours per day on the East limb from December 14 - January 10. CDS will spend two weeks supporting starting also from December 14. LASCO will suport with synoptic program, EIT with CME watch program. * GRAVITATIONAL FOCUSING CONE CAMPAIGN (UVCS, EUVE, SEM, CDS, SWAN) DATES: December 3, 5, 7, 8, 10 CDS full Sun maps once on each of the dates listed. These are to be made to provide accurate scatter information for the experiments looking for the gravitational focusing cone of the interstellar gas flow. Leader: Bill Thompson (for CDS), Cone campaign contact Eberhard Mobius at Duration 13.5 hrs on each of several days. * Submode Schedule Submode 6 for the month of December. * UVCS would like another whole Sun month campaign. August '99 coincides with eclipse in Europe, which may conflict with the MEDOC campaign. UVCS would like to see an earlier time, perhaps May '99, so that GBO's can participate. Consultation with Doug Biesecker and Sarah Gibson needed.

5. JOPs status

- Completion of Campaign Catalog Campaign Catalog is at least 90% complete for nominal mission. Suggestion was made to have the campaign catalog linked to published papers.

6. New JOPs

- None

7. AOB

* Next SPWG Friday, December 4, due to AGU and SOHO requalification review on December 2 and 3 Details for the requalification review still being ironed out. No agenda available yet. One will be e-mailed to PIs as soon as it is available. * This was Piet's last time chairing an SPWG meeting before he leaves for the Montana frontier. Although this was a short meeting today -- we can all remember 2 years ago when these meetings lasted all day... Thanks, Piet!