SPWG Meeting Minutes June 23, 1998 in EOF Attendees: Joe Michels, Jeff Newmark, Frederic Auchere, Simon Plunkett Art Poland, Bud Benefield, Julia Saba, Ted Tarbell Andrezj Fludra, Rock Bush, Emily Zamkoff, Terry Kucera, Jake Wolfson, Craig DeForest, Dietmar Germerott, and Ed Deluca

1. Review of action items

- Wallops: During the last continuous contact period, during the best effort month .. Wallops was used to fill gaps that DSN could not cover. DOY 86 Wallops support data was lost (~ 19 - 22:45 UT). But DOY 52, 89, 90, 99 has been processed and should have been received by MDI. Problems were mainly: communication, lack of direction as to what Wallops is required to support for ISTP. These matters are being resolved by Code 500 management.

2. Preview of future months

- Second Whole Sun Month - S/C Offpoint on September 3 Action: MDI team to send SOC an e-mail with specific information concerning the extent and duration of offpoint. Although at the SWT, the SWT minutes state the request was an 8 hour dwell, conflicting information at the meeting indicated a longer period was desired. - Medoc Campaign in September - Next set of maneuvers will occur in the last week in October or first week in November. After that, there will be another set of maneuvers prior in late January - early February prior to the 3 month continuous contact which starts in mid/late February 1999. MDI wanted people to think about the possiblity of rolling the spacecraft around by 180 degrees for the 3 month continuous contact period. Goal is that since MDI cannot move their high resolution field of view, it would be necessary to rotate the spacecraft 180 degrees to have their high resolution field of view biased toward the south. The B angle will be such that they hope to observe more active regions through their high resolution field-of-view during this time of year. This of course will be proposed at the next SWT for PI approval, but MDI just wanted to give people adequate notice and time to think about this proposal prior to the SWT. - See Monthly Calendar at

3. Boundary conditions for the coming month

- MDI Continuous: 12 July, 23:25 UT - 17 July, 4:30 UT

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Individual instrument plans ------------------------------ SUMER -- Not on in July. Switch on in August TRACE -- TRACE continuous observation of the same region. Targets of opportunity. If AR in MDI high res fov or 2 AR close together. On disk coronal hole. Theme is to exploit new sequences and observe active region No JOP support during the MDI continuous. UVCS -- 29 - 05 July Al. Vasquez, Joint obs. with TRACE 06 - 12 July Marco Romoli, TBD 13 - 19 July Joe Michels, Line Profiles coordinated w/C1 20 - 26 July John Kohl, Spectral Line Profiles 27 - 31 July Richard Frazin, Spectral Line Profiles in Streamers LASCO -- Synoptic submode 6, C1 spectroscopic observations with UVCS. EIT -- Synoptic and full resolution CME watch. CDS -- Post flare loops observations. In two weeks, executing flare watch program, Sunspot observations. CDS/Norikura and spicule studies with Tenerife. Transient features in AR Bright point diagnotics Coronal Holes JOP083 MDI -- Priority for next month AR helioseisomology. (AR in HR FOV) If no AR in high res. FOV during continuous, then would be following a region outside of it. b) Intercalibration activities ------------------------------ - ICAL01 scheduled for Tuesday, July 21. TRACE will pick time of ICAL so not to be in SAA. Woods / Hassler Rocket launch postponed until September 22. c) Joint observing plans ------------------------- - Submode Schedule: Submode 6 all of July

5. JOPs status

- Completion of Catalog JOP018 updated to include TRACE JOP076 updated JOP094 - Spicules study. All JOP leaders sent e-mail to check entries in campaign catalogue for the nominal mission.

6. New JOPs

- Update on JOP076

7. AOB

- Next SPWG Friday, July 24 - SPWG is August 28 -- not 21st.