Chair: Piet Martens (ESA/SOC) Minutes: Joan Hollis (NASA/SOC) and Laura Roberts (NASA/SOC) Attendees: Simon Plunkett (LASCO), Shane Stezelberger (LASCO), Doug Biesecker (LASCO), Jeff Newmark (EIT), Bud Benefield (FOT), Joe Michels (UVCS), Jean-Philippe Olive (ESA/MATRA), Helmut Schweitzer (ESA), Luis Sanchez (ESA), Julia Saba (MDI), Nick Piston (FOT), Charles Kankelborg (TRACE), Joe Gurman (EIT), Frederic Auchere (EIT), Jake Wolfson (TRACE), Emily Zamkoff (MDI), Kuen Ko (UVCS), Andrzej Fludra (CDS)

1. Review of action items

- None

2. Preview of future months

- Second Whole Sun Month: Doug Biesecker presented a tentative calendar at: which incorporates JOP076, JOP085, JOP081, JOP084, JOP035. The dates of 1-28 August are confirmed for WSM2. Various discussions centered around JOP085 (it probably can be done in Submode 5, although it asks for 2 or 6). JOP084: people wondered why TRACE was not included. - Woods/Hassler Rocket Underflight Unchanged. Still planned for the last week in July, no specific date yet. - See Monthly Calendar at

3. Boundary conditions for the coming month

* MDI Continuous: June 11, 13:35 UT - June 18, 05:30 UT * Maneuver Plans are as follows: W Jun 24 Gyro Cal and Momentum Management (MDI jitter test) T Jun 25 Offpointing (3 hours), for EIT calibration F Jun 26 Oblateness Roll (24 hours max): MDI Oblateness Measurements, SWAN Cross-calibration, SUMER polar scans, CDS polarization studies S Jun 27 Roll (continued) S Jun 28 Reaction Wheel 4 Maintenance, Momentum Management and Station Keeping (no MDI jitter test) M Jun 29 Star Sensor Patch (involves period in RMW, no CSP) The First Momentum Management and Offpoint * CANNOT * be performed back-to-back due to DSN constraints. Will be performed on separate days. The Station Keeping burn on 28th, is estimated to use 63 grams of fuel for 27 second burn. No detailed timeline is available yet, we will distribute as soon as one is created. EIT presented an offpoint scenario that will fit within the 3 hour constraint defined by the SWT. Stops, dwell times and estimated SVM times (all in minutes) are tabulated below: Dwell Time ~SVM Stabilization a) 3 arcmin west - 7 3 2 b) 7 arcmin west - 7 6 2 c) 11 arcmin west - 7 6 2 d) 25 arcmin west - 16 16 2 e) 40 arcmin west- 21 17 2 f) contingency dwells 10 g) back to nominal 42 10 h) roll trim 20 Total time: 198 -30 (at 0 offset) = 168 minutes Total dwell = 68 min Constraints/Notes: a) Times listed are worst case scenarios. These times may be shorter depending upon the state of the Sun (active region on limb or not). b) After talking to Helmut Schweitzer, EIT requests only ~2 minutes for stabilization at each position rather than 10. c) Total times listed include 10 minutes of contingency dwell time. They do not expect (nor wish) to use this time but include it to give conservative estimates. d) Last 30 minutes is spent at the nominal pointing position, and is for stabiliazation and SVM activities. It is therefore not affecting the thermal stability of the instruments and subtracted from the total time. Also, the offpoint will be done in Submode 6. It is required to have VC2/3 during the offpoint. VC2 is preferable. The MDI ISS loop will need to be open prior to the offpoint. They would prefer to do this in NRT prior to the offpoint -- but depends on how much NRT is available. Roll: -------- Roll once around the solar disk in 30 degree delta increments from nominal pointing position. Initial roll direction does not matter and can be picked at FOT convenience. At the +60 and -60 degree delta stops dwell for 65 minutes. At all other 30 degree increments, dwell for 25 minutes. After the roll around the solar disk is completed, then roll the S/C to the +90 delta from nominal position. We will dwell at +90 delta for the remaining time given the 24 hour constraint (defined by normal pointing mode transitions). VC2/3 is requested as much as possible during the roll period, this is especially crucial during the first "roll around the solar disk". Constraints: ------------ * Cannot start rolling before 43.5 hours after the last momentum management thruster firing: ~ 30 hours after momentum management (24 hours to open door + 6 hours to thermalize..) CDS starts 13.5 hour long observation. Cannot start rolling before this observation ends. * Some portion of the dwell time at +90 degrees needs to be between 8-12 UT for ground-based support observations at Tenerife (for SUMER). (Note: probably be wise to include 7-12 UT, but 8-12 UT mandatory). * After the roll is completed, need additional 13.5 hours for CDS to complete observations prior to CDS door closure for the next day's burns.

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Individual instrument plans: UVCS ---- Velocity studies, Week 26 and Week 27 joint operations with TRACE June 8 -- John Raymond planner, high resolution tomography and 121 Tau. June 15-21 -- Raid Suleiman. Lyman-alpha line profiles in coronal holes at heights above 3 solar radii. Zeta Tau studies. June 22-28 -- A. Vasquez is lead observer. Joint operations with TRACE in collaboration with Ed DeLuca, spacecraft roll. June 28- July 5 -- A. Vasquez continues joint observations with TRACE. in collaboration with Ed DeLuca MDI --- Continuing support of TRACE and SUMER. Active region tracking program until June 9. Continuous contact June 11 until Thursday, June 18. Active region studies in high resolution field-of-view will be highest priority. Quiet Sun at high cadence / Karen Harvey's bright point program a priority. One day before momentum management will run dynamics in best focus for longest contact. Flat field load performed before and after that activity. During the roll performing oblateness measurements. Several days after the roll will retune the instrument and move legs. June 18-19 will support Explosive Events study. CDS --- June 19, active region tracking, abundances in active regions. Will participate in five JOPs, including JOP082. Doing polarization studies during the roll. Will be doing three collaborations with TRACE which will be detailed in the calendar later. SUMER ----- No representative present. E-mail plans presented are tentative plans received from Jean-Claude Vial. Discussion: CDS (A. Fludra) did not receive e-mail of these plans and comments that their calendar is already quite full but will attempt to participate in one or more SUMER observations if time allows. TRACE hopes to support SUMER at end of June but is uncertain as to how much support to give to SUMER before then. If there are no active regions for MDI to follow, then quiet sun observations might be useful for collaborations. In submode 5, EIT CME watch will be 2x2 binned and will not be able to support many JOPs otherwise. TRACE ----- Running active region studies through June 9. Will support MDI continuous contact and Explosive Event study June 18-19. Possibly will do filament study on June 20-21. On June 29, supporting a UVCS/TRACE campaign. Ed Deluca coordinating. Want to support SUMER at end of June. Planner, Karel Schrijver, will be working from Lockheed (tel: 650-424-2907, email: Another TRACE person will be available to coordinate communications with Karel Schrijver. EIT --- CME Watch will be used in support of most JOPs and might be able to respond to special requests from MEDOC. June 19-21 EIT will do a bakeout. Will do calibrations a day before and after the maneuvers. LASCO ----- Week 23, performing C1 spectra observations. Week 24, collaboration with UVCS and LASCO C1 (Dennis Socker & John Raymond points of contact). Will close doors for momentum management, re-open for roll maneuver, then close prior to next momentum management. b) Intercalibration activities - ICAL01 to be scheduled. Andrzej Fludra to get back to planners with a date. Would like to run the Intercalibration when SUMER is on. c) Joint observing plans A bit of submode confusion was cleared up after the SPWG via e-mail. On June 22, SUMER will not power down detectors, but switch commanding control from MEDOC to the EOF. The following is defined for the maneuver week: > Stay in Submode #5 until Wednesday, when SUMER powers down > detectors and closes door for Momentum Management. > Switch to Submode #6 until offpoint completion, then go back > to Submode #5 for the roll. Suggested for June (all CDS/TRACE): JOP090 - Polar Plumes (4-6 hours, run a few times. Needs a decent polar CH and a nice plume. Preferable to consult with Cambridge on target selection, i.e. Peter Young ( JOP087 - AR Loops Systems on the Limb (6-8 hours repeated a few times as AR nears and crosses limb) JOP092 - Sunspot Plumes (4-5 hours, occasionally on an AR as it crosses disc). Suggest that these are run as a T.O.O. group for the period June 7-23 (i.e. before roll). If any one item is not run in June it should carry over to July. JOP083 - This is the modified JOP059 (Walsh and Ireland) which includes TRACE. If it was not run in a complete 'state' in May, can we schedule it for June or July. The best gap in June for CDS is June 14-17. The first 3 weeks of July are good. Suggested for July (all CDS/TRACE): JOP086 - Transient Features in ARs (6-8 hours repeated a few times as AR crosses disc) JOP088 - Bright Point Diagnostics (4-5 hours on a few targets. Run in NRT with pointing updated in RT if possible) JOP089 - Coronal Holes (6 hours, run a few times) JOP091 - High Velocity Events in Polar Regions (4-5 hours run a few times)

5. JOPs status

- We have now a total of 100 JOP and ICAL write-ups. - Completion of Campaign Catalog for Primary Mission. Catalog has been cleaned up, homogenized, and completed. Only item that remains to be done is the specification of the objective for coordinated observations that are not JOPs or ICALs. Piet will contact the coordinators for their input. Statistics in addition to SPWG E-mail #282: Campaign Participation by SOHO Experiments (up to May 1, 1998): CDS - 297 (out of 384 total) SUMER - 244 EIT - 234 MDI - 143 UVCS - 93 LASCO - 72 CELIAS - 10 SWAN - 6 GOLF - 2 VIRGO - 2 ERNE - 0 COSTEP - 0

6. New JOPs

- JOP081 Solar Magnetic Fields, Sarah Gibson, proposed for WSM2, has been received in an acceptable form. - JOP083, High Cadence Activity Studies, by Robert Walsh has been checked with the TRACE representative and is approved now. - JOP084 Coronal Active Region Study, David Alexander, and JOP085 Coronal Hole Velocity Study, Doug Biesecker: need complete write-ups - Cambridge CDS/TRACE JOPs: seven new JOPs (see above, JOPs 86 through 92) have been received from Helen Mason et al. All accepted. - JOP093, Slow Solar Wind Acceleration, by Andy Breen, for Second Whole Sun Month, involves EISCAT, HAO Mk.3, and LASCO. Accepted.

7. AOB

* Next SPWG scheduled for Tuesday, June 23 because of the maneuvers. * Luis Sanchez will deal with PACOR about about re-engineered CDROMs * Wallops data: Several Wallops contacts were scheduled towards the end of the most recent MDI Dynamics run. We have not received any MDI high rate telemetry from these contacts, and discussions with the Goddard PACOR and DDF indicate that they have not been able to get MDI high rate data in a format that they can read from Wallops. As such, Wallops should not be used for MDI high rate telemetry coverage until this issue can be resolved. There was confusion as to why this had not been discovered earlier as Wallops has been used many times as backup support for rocket flights. Action on Laura Roberts to get more details as to why the problems with processing VC2/VC3 from Wallops was not detected earlier. Adjourn: 11:35 am ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ SUMER Plans ___________ SUMER observing programs in June 1998 ------------------------------------- Dear SOC, Please find below the general SUMER plans elaborated by Philippe et al. concerning weeks 24 and 25 (8 - 21 June). The basic philosophy is to run the programs initially scheduled in the frame of the Campaign and in the same time to follow the TRACE-related programs in order to contribute to TRACE observations. Best regards, jean-claude ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- SUMER plans to run observing programs related to JOPs in which other SOHO instruments (CDS, EIT, MDI, or TRACE) are involved but may not be available. Conversely, the SUMER planners will try to implement their programs in such a way that the SUMER slit is located in the field of view of TRACE. Some JOPs will benefit of simultaneous observations from the VTT (Infrared 1.6 \mu, White light, G band, Ca K (0.3 /AA)), Ondrejov spectrograph (Balmer series), Wroclaw MSDP and Coronagraphs. ---------------- SUMER planners are : P. Lemaire (week 24) K. Bocchialini (week 25) They will daily provide the EOF SOC and SOL with a summary of the SUMER programs, in due time before the daily EOF meeting. --------------- SCHEDULE June 8, between 12 and 16 UT, SUMER SWITCH ON June 8 - June 11 ---------------- 6 - 13 UT JOP 9, 12, 17 (B. Schmieder) with, if possible, CDS, TRACE, and EIT (304) and with Pic-du-Midi, Wroclaw and Ondrejov. Targets : prominences, filaments -> Between 9 and 13 June, SUMER is willing to have a participation in JOP70 (CDS, EIT, Kitt Peak) -> On June 11, Scattering in Lyman lines (Lemaire) June 12 - June 17 ----------------- 7.30 - 15 UT JOP38 if possible with CDS, EIT, TRACE, MDI continuous hi-res and with VTT, Wroclaw and Ondrejov This program addresses Bright Points and Oscillations issues. It is run preferentially on the Quiet Sun, so the SUMER slit can be easily positioned in the TRACE fov. June 18 - June 19 ----------------- Explosive Event Environment Study (D. Innes) with CDS and MDI, probably during long real-time pass. June 20 - June 21 ----------------- Participation to JOP16 (Formation of He II 304) (with CDS?). TBC. Other programs -------------- June 14 : from 8 to 15 UT, BACH (Boundary and Abundance in Coronal Holes) (with CDS and TRACE ?) June 15 : from 15 to 21 UT, Oscillations in Coronal Holes (S. Patsourakos); (with CDS participation ?) June 17 to 21 : Prominence/network in Lyman series (P. Heinzel from MEDOC) June 8 to 21 : He I profiles in different structures (CDS scans in 584 would be useful) 10 hours for Flows in Coronal Holes (D. Hassler) (MDI useful) June 15 to 21 : Programs of D. Spadaro (from MEDOC) (to be communicated) -------------- 22 June between 12 and 16 UT, SWITCH OFF of SUMER ---------------------------------------------------------------------------