Chair: Piet Martens (ESA/SOC) Minutes: Laura Roberts (NASA/SOC) Present: Vicente Domingo (ESA), Helmut Sweitzer (ESA), Jean-Philippe Olive (MATRA), Joe Michels (UVCS), Chris St. Cyr (LASCO), Ted Tarbell (TRACE), Charles Kankelborg (TRACE), Julia Saba (MDI), Craig DeForest (MDI), Harold Benefeld (FOT), Andrzej Fludra (CDS), Joe Gurman (EIT), Frederic Clette (EIT), Frederic Auchere (EIT), Simon Plunkett (LASCO/EIT), Joan Hollis (NASA/SOC), George Simnett (LASCO), Jeff Newmark (EIT)

1. Review of action items

- None

2. Boundary conditions for the coming month

- MDI Continuous: May 1, 9:00 UT - May 7, 21:30 UT - Submode 3: Still under investigation by LASCO/EIT team. - TRACE 30 day plan Plans being revised daily. During MDI continuous, running a 3-day quiet sun movie. After May 6, TRACE will perform more limb pointings. In late May/early June, they want to pick an active region on the East limb and follow it for 2 weeks. - May 31: 6 Hours SVM reserved for Memory Dumps and TR Maintenance

3. Preview of future months

- Third Medoc Campaign General consensus is that is would not be wise to have a MEDOC campaign due to effort involved in TRACE coordination. Everyone would welcome SUMER observing from MEDOC and ground based campaigns. But wants the coordination and daily meetings to be in the EOF. TRACE representative present at SPWG opposes the MEDOC campaign and will have a representative at the SWT indicate such. UVCS indicated that during that time frame some of their observations include already fixed stellar observations. Also indicated that more advance notice is needed for these campaigns. - S/C activity plans for June or, including roll and offset Unchanged. EIT notes that the data from the ESR actually helped them with their flat-fielding problems !! HOWEVER, they still would like to do an offset -- but the urgency is not so great. They would yield if other experiments strongly object. - Second Whole Sun Month Sarah Gibson and Doug Biesecker are continuing preparations. - See Monthly Calendar at

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Individual instrument plans ------------------------------ UVCS -- 4-20 May: Shadia Habbal, Coordinated observations with Mars Global Surveyor. 21 - 24 May: G. Poletto will perform coronal hole measurements 25 - 31 May: Joe Michels, performs instrument characterization. LASCO -- Not much planned. C1 characterization. EIT -- JOP080 (shutterless mode). TRACE support. MDI -- Plans are generally to support TRACE and SUMER. Flare watch is suspended, have not instituted. During last week of May and first week of June, they are keeping their planning simple due to stafffing constraints. CDS -- Most of their primary goals are already listed in JOPs on WWW calendar. Active region monitoring campaign. b) Intercalibration activities ------------------------------ ICAL01 TBD. UVCS will discuss if they want to run this the week SUMER is on. Andrzej Fludra will inform CDS and check with SUMER to see if SUMER has a desire to run ICAL01. c) Joint observing plans ------------------------ - Submode Schedule During SPWG, CDS and EIT asked for a scientific case for why Submode 4 is necessary. CDS and LASCO/EIT would much rather not sacrifice their telemetry for 30+ hours, and continue collaborating with the TRACE 30 day program. TRACE would commit to this observation if other experiments (LASCO/EIT and CDS) sacrifice. After the SPWG, SOC to e-mail Phil Judge regarding JOP072. Phil Judge replied saying Submode #4 is essential. CDS agrees now with submode 4. - Penciled in JOP080 into the calendar the week that SUMER is ON. (Week 20). Only one hour program.

5. JOPs status

SOC is completing of Campaign Catalog for Primary Mission. Every campaign that has been run is listed. Names, dates, participants, and coordinator fields are nearly complete. Format has been homogenized. However, no objectives are listed for many campaigns (they are all listed for JOPs and ICALs). Piet Martens will contact campaign leaders by e-mail to fill in blanks.

6. New JOPs

- JOP081, Solar Magnetic Fields, Sarah Gibson, Proposed for WSM2 Write-up was not appropriate for JOP. Will re-write and submit again. - JOP082, Flux Disappearance in Dipoles, Karen Harvey, proposed for June 12-30. Accepted. Unlikely SOHO will be able to support all of this time due to maneuvers. But there is a great willingness to support first part: June 12-22. - JOP083, HIGH CADENCE ACTIVITY STUDIES AND THE HEATING OF CORONAL LOOPS, Robert Walsh, proposed for May? Conflict with JOP072? Tabled. Ted Tarbell will talk to Robert Walsh next week about this.

7. AOB

- Next SPWG Friday May 22 (4th Friday!)