Chair: Laura Allen (NASA/SOC) Notes: Laura Allen/Joan Hollis (NASA/SOC) Attendees: Julia Saba (MDI), Ted Tarbell (MDI/TRACE), Andrzej Fludra (CDS), Helmut Schweitzer (ESA), Don Michels (LASCO/EIT), Craig DeForest (MDI), Frederic Auchere (EIT), Josepph Michels (UVCS), Chris St. Cyr (LASCO/EIT), Joe Gurman (EIT), Jeff Newmark (EIT), Harold Benefield (FOT), Bernhard Fleck (ESA), Luis Sanchez (ESA), Vicente Domingo (ESA)

1. Review of action items

- None

2. Boundary conditions for the coming month

- Weekend Power Outages As most already know, EOF has successfully tested and received VC0, VC1, and VC2 data through the re-engineered system. We'll see how it works this weekend. Next weekend of power outages is starting afternoon of Friday, April 24 - morning of Monday, April 27. - TRACE update The TRACE Launch date is now officially April 1. The TRACE and Pegasus folks are still trying to be ready by March 30, and apparently there is some chance that the range would let us go on the date. The TRACE hotline at 301-286-1331 gives a daily update on the launch preparations. The TRACE Welcome page also has a News Item updated approximately daily. If TRACE does launch on April 1 +/- a few days, then we will open the door and begin commissioning on about April 20 and start scientific observing about 1 week later. We are getting more requests for SOHO/TRACE JOP's and also less formal coordinated observations. These are very welcome, but everyone should realize that we can't yet commit to specific observations on specific dates in May. Anyone with ideas for JOP's involving TRACE should contact one of the TRACE core team members for a reality check and assistance in defining an observing program. Charles Kankelborg, Ted Tarbell, and Karel Schrijver are all good contacts. Two newcomers have taken up permanent residence in the TRACE EOF: Charles Kankelborg of Montana State and Thomas Gaeng of SAC/ARD. The larger, part-time migration from Palo Alto will begin a few days before launch. - April 1: SVM Reserved, etc... April 1, Memory Dumps & TR Maintenance * SOC requested that this be moved from Wednesday, April 1 to Sunday March 29 to minimize loss of instrument command capability during the week. April 17, Station Keeping * Station keeping maneuver on April 17 Friday. Current fuel estimate is roughly 1.6 kilograms expended within a ~ 10 minute time period. No momentum management required. Estimated that the wheel speeds will last until August 10. To avoid disturbances during whole sun month, another maneuver would be required in June/July. ESA management and FOT have proposed to delay the roll and offset, originally foreseen for April, for reasons discussed in original e-mail of SPWG agenda. Only SUMER expressed any degree of unhappiness with moving the roll to June/July. Bernhard Fleck talked to Klaus Wilhelm via phone and they agreed to wait until June/July. After a comparison of science plans and the best dates for DSN coverage, the dates of 23 June - 29 June were selected to perform the following activities: June 23 - 29 Maneuver Activities: --------------------------------- June 23 - Gyro Cal and Momentum Management (no MDI jitter test) June 24 - No activities. June 25 - E-W Offpointing, for EIT calibration June 26 - Oblateness Roll (24 hours max): MDI Oblateness Measurements, SWAN Cross-calibration, SUMER polar scans, CDS polarization studies June 27 - Roll (continued) June 28 - Station Keeping/Momentum Management, Reaction Wheel 4 Maintenance June 29 - Star Sensor Patch (involves time in RMW mode; but no thrusters) - Submode 3 * Status of LASCO/EIT experiment software adjustments: LASCO/EIT are still investigating what occurred when the latest submode patch was uplinked and found to cause EIT/LASCO some problems. Therefore, no work on a new on-board load has been done. * CDS requests a week of submode 3 (modified submode 3, or not): After discussion, the following dates were penciled in for Submode #3: Thursday, April 9 until Thursday, April 16. - April SWT and press conference See draft agenda appended to the end of these minutes. Bernhard Fleck reminds folks that he needs input from PI teams for Tuesday press event. Twenty journalists are expected.

3. Preview of future months

- Submode 4 (SUMER high) request for May: Request by Phil Judge for telemetry submode 4 (SUMER high rate) on 16-17 May 1998 (or as a standby, maybe any day in the 11-17 May period). This is in support of JOP72: High Cadence Chromospheric and Coronal Dynamics Studies with SOHO and TRACE which requires ONLY 5-6 hours of joint TRACE/SUMER/Sac Peak observing on 1 or 2 days only, during the TRACE 30 day plan period. There was much discussion concerning this JOP: - CDS to confirm that two full days of Submode 4 are acceptable -- Does Phil Judge know that Submode #4 will affect the telemetry allocation of CDS also....? Can CDS do what Phil Judge wants in Submode #4..? - EIT/LASCO does not want to perform two submode switches each day and would rather stay in Submode #4 for 2 days time. CONCLUSION: Phil Judge to talk to individuals off-line via e-mail and get some more details sorted out. We will revisit this JOP at the next SPWG. - TRACE collaborations foreseen for the coming months (See monthly calendar and JOPs). - See Monthly Calendar at * April 22 (to be confirmed by UVCS) - UVCS/SUMER/CDS ABUNDANCE JOP SUMER will not be on during that time, may want to delay future plans until SUMER is available. Will talk to John Kohl regarding this. * May 1-2 - High Resolution Quiet Sun Activity, POC: Davina Innes (, SUMER/CDS/MDI This request has been WITHDRAWN and will not be run. * St. Andrews Loop Studies (JOP059) TRACE: Would like to learn more and participate in this study.

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Individual instrument plans CDS -- 1. TRACE SUPPORT ACTIVITIES CDS Studies are being compiled ready for supporting the TRACE first 30 day plan... The 30 day plan would start up to 4 weeks after the TRACE launch - i.e. possibly right at the end of April. The Study development is being coordinated by Dave Pike, and the application will be led by Andrzej Fludra at GSFC. 2. March 18-April 5 - ACTIVE REGION JETS Target of Opportunity for period given. (Run a few times in period). (Leader: Paal Brekke). Oslo O_LOOPS studies to be run on a suitable target region. This is a request from Oslo and I believe it is CDS only. 3. April - STUDY OF UNIPOLAR REGIONS Target of Opportunity for April (Run a number of times during month) (Leader: Jim Klimchuk). Plan is to run when MDI doing high resolution magnetograms. Use NISAT_S within the MDI full resolution field (CDS rastered area well within MDI full res. boundary). Also, run as close in time as possible to MDI high res. observation - certainly less than 4 hours. Ensure target area is quiet and magnetically as unipolar as possible. STUDY OF UNIPOLAR REGIONS: Requires use of MDI high resolution observations so in a sense it is CDS/MDI. But MDI are not required to do anything unusual. 4. Mid-April - POLARIZATION STUDY (SPACECRAFT ROLL) **** We assume this is postponded **** CDS polarisation study during roll activity. Coordinated by Roger Thomas (GSFC) and Andrzej Fludra (RAL). * May also take long exposures using GIS with long slit, during EIT offset. 5. April 22 (to be confirmed by UVCS) - UVCS/SUMER/CDS ABUNDANCE JOP (Leaders: Feldman, Raymond and Fludra. Details to be confirmed. 6. End of April (exact period yet to be defined) POST FLARE LOOP STUDY Target of Opportunity study, CDS only. Leader: Anja Czaykowska (Garching) in collaboration with Dave Pike. Plan to include study which can be run (manually) in preference to other (predefined) scheduled activities after a flare has occurred. Interrupt would be driven from EOF, not on board. We do not want to see flare, but post flare activity. 7. April 25 - May 8 - CAMBRIDGE CAMPAIGN ACTIVITY (Leaders: Mason and Young) Several targets/Studies to be run during Mason and young planning weeks. Includes (i) Active region evolution Study, (ii) Equatorial streamer Study of gravitational settling, (iii) Polar Plumes Diagnostics Study, (iv) Polar Region Dynamics Event study, and (v) Bright Point Diagnostics Study. SUMER -- Extracted from E-mail from Klaus Wilhelm received by SOC: > ... With the complications related to the roll or > non-roll, I had very little time to think about other future issues. > ..... Without roll, we would cancel our April campaign. > In terms of further planning, it is likely that SUMER will support the TRACE > campaign 11 to 17 May 1998 (should TRACE be available) from MEDOC. Obviously, > we are thinking of an operational activity in June, if the roll should be > postponed to that time period. The next campaign will then be in August > starting with JOP 079 (Doyle) and ending with star observations. > In the more distant future, we are considering a campaign in October following > the SOHO VII and SW 9 conferences. Our travel funds are rather meager and > this might help reducing the total number of transatlantic trips. Comment from TRACE concerning SUMER plans: It would be really nice if SUMER could extend their period in May past the 17th for collaborations. The last two weeks in May and early June would be really best for SUMER support. UVCS -- Characterization of Lyman-alpha detector. During week of John Kohl as planner, focus is on line profiles in coronal holes (OVI and Mg X). Week of Ester Antonucci will be focusing on global spectroscopy at different position angles. LASCO -- Synoptic plus some extra C1 sequences. LASCO will support the time when EIT is running their 304 CME watch with C1 FeXIV images. EIT -- March 26 - April 9, running high cadence 304 images (full disk and full resolution) to study effects of prominences in CME initation study. Other than that, 195 CME watch continues. MDI -- Continuous dynamics until April 9. April 10 will be doing calibrations. Priorities are: - To support TRACE commissioning and science, - If a flare occurs they will suspend any magnetic campaign and run dynamics to see if they can detect a Moreton wave equivalent event. - If they get a long DSN contact, may want to run wave studies with CDS. b) Intercalibration activities - Intercal001 scheduled for Tuesday, April 7 (CDS/EIT). c) Joint observing plans See WWW pages and already discussed above.

5. JOPs status

- No change

6. New JOPs

- JOP 079 What is the Nature of Transition Region Explosive Events? Jerry Doyle. - JOP080 High-time resolution imaging study of coronal and transition region dynamics (EIT shutterless-mode campaign) Fredric Clette (EIT)

7. AOB

- Presence of Experiment Reps at Daily Meetings and Role of SOL This item was placed in the agenda due to complaint(s) received by the SOC. We just want to remind individuals planners that it is really helpful: 1) To attend the daily meeting and learn what occured overnight. 2) To arrive at the EOF a half-hour or so before the daily meeting and do some preparation prior. (For example, have details about a particular event or pointing coordinates handy.. rather then just informing the group an event occurred and not knowing anything more about it to present). 3) Prior to weekly meeting, it helps to arrive at the EOF on Thursday prior to discuss plans for the next week with other planners. - Next SPWG Friday April 24 - E-mail updates to the monthly calendar at: We want to remind folks that have items for the monthly calendar (submode scheduling, jop scheduling, list of planners, etc...) to PLEASE use this e-mail address for correspondence. This batch e-mail goes to a number of people and insures that SOMEBODY gets the message. - FOT reminds folks that they need advanced notice of rolls, offpoints, etc. Due to 6 month DSN scheduling process. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Draft Agenda SWT-25 (as sent to the PIs on 27 Feb; there will be some changes) Draft Agenda SOHO SWT-25 27-29 April 1998 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Monday, 27 April, 14:00 hours 14:00 Agree agenda and actions revision (PS) 14:10 Status of experiments (PIs, 10 min each) - Instrument status - Main scientific achievements during the last 6 months - Publications 16:10 Science priorities for the next 6 months 16:40 Operations during extended mission (including funding status of instrument teams) 18:00 Adjourn Tuesday, 28 April: SOHO mission extension celebration (see attachement) Wednesday, 29 April, 9:00 hours 9:00 ISTP re-engineering status (Worrall, FOT) 9:20 Future spacecraft maneuvres (PS) 9:50 Meetings and Workshops (B. Fleck) 10:00 Future public outreach activities (PS) 10:20 AOB 10:30 Coffee 11:00 SWT Science Workshop 13:00 Lunch 14:00 SWT Science Workshop cont. 16:00 End of Meeting 17:00 Party _______________________________________________________________________ SOHO mission extension celebration ----------------------------------- Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory, 28 April 1998 DRAFT PROGRAMME Technical briefing for SWT only 9.30 Welcome and introduction (10 mn) Spacecraft Performance, Status and Trend Analysis (20 mn) Instruments Performance, Status and Trend Analysis (15 mn) Science Operations and Data Status (10 mn) Ground segment (10 mn) 10.30 Coffee: welcome to media 11.00 Media briefing moderated by Richard Harrison (RAL) - Highlight presentations of 5 minutes each by: TBD - Helioseismology E. Priest - Solar Atmosphere A. Galvin - Solar Wind and Particles, and NASA (speaker TBD) followed by closing remarks by R. Bonnet (10 mn) - Questions and answers session 12.15 Press visit to SOHO/CDS 12.45 Buffet lunch with speech by BNSC/PPARC repr. (10 mn) Interview opportunities 14.00 Continuation of SWT meeting, media are invited to attend. - SOHO Science presentations (3x25 mn): TBD - Helioseismology E. Priest - Solar Atmosphere A. Galvin - Solar Wind and Particles, and 15.30 Discussion and closing remarks 16.00 Visit for SWT to RAL 17.00 End 19.00 Dinner at Cosener's House -------- END-OF-SPWG-MINUTES --------