Chair: Piet Martens (ESA/SOC) Notes: Laura Allen (NASA/SOC) Attendees: Horst Kunow (COSTEP), Richard Harrison (CDS), John Kohl (UVCS), Rock Bush (MDI), Bernhard Fleck (ESA), Julia Saba (MDI), Eric Quemerais (SWAN), William Thompson (CDS), Simon Plunkett (EIT), Russ Howard (LASCO)

1. Review of action items

: - None

2. Boundary conditions for the coming month

- MDI Continuous: Nov 05 ~ 12:40 UT - Nov 09 ~ 06:00 UT - Submode changes: See calendar. Several weeks when SUMER will not be observing have been allocated to CDS and LASCO/EIT. Piet will contact Klaus to reconfirm the schedule of all the weeks SUMER is not observing after November.

3. Preview of future months

- See Monthly Calendar at http://sohowww/operations/schedule/calendar.html

4. Priorities for the coming month

(October 27 - November 30) Medoc campaign -------------- EIT suggested that the weekly meeting (on October 24) be a telecon between MEDOC and the EOF for LASCO and EIT input. a) Individual instrument plans ------------------------------ CDS -- CDS plans are primarily listed on the monthly calendar. CDS also notes many studies are scheduled to be run during the MEDOC campaign; however, the CDS PI has not been fully informed of the full details of these observing programs. Unless he is informed, they will not be run. SUMER -- Not present. MDI -- Debating what program they will perform for the 3 day continuous for next month. Would like to collaborate in blinker studies After some discussion, a "Blinker Onslaught" campaign has been penciled in for week 48 with participation from CDS and EIT also. UVCS -- See the UVCS home page and click on "Observations, Planned and Completed" for a full weekly planner and observation goal pages. Spartan flight in November high priority and there are several days penciled into the calendar in which UVCS will need a lot of NRT for disk observations. In the beginning of December will perform observations with SWAN to support the He focusing cone study. LASCO -- Planning to support Spartan flight with lots of Polarization sequences in C2 which they will be testing next week. LASCO is particularly interested in getting high telemetry for the week of Christmas. They would love to obtain more images with the center of the galaxy passing through their field-of-view. EIT -- Has been in contact with Rob Wilson for program on November 16 and 17. Will be doing a bakeout in mid-December. b) Intercalibration activities ------------------------------- Primarily rocket and Spartan campaigns in November. c) Joint observing plans ------------------------ See monthly calendar.

5. JOPs status

JOP062 has been updated.

6. New JOPs

JOP070: Coronal Counterparts to HE I 10830 NM Dynamic Events.

7. AOB

Chair requests now that SWT's will be less frequent, and SPWG must do more of the planning, that representatives from the coronal instruments plus MDI be present at each and every monthly meeting. The group expressed an interest in running another "Whole Sun Month" campaign. UVCS and CDS PIs need advanced warning of when this would occur. To simplify planning matters -- a "Whole Sun Month II" has been penciled in for August 1998. Theme for next spring and summer: SOHO-TRACE science collaboration The next SPWGs will occur on: Friday, November 21 and Thursday, December 18. Adjourned: 11:25 am