Chair: Piet Martens (ESA/SOC) Notes: Laura Allen (NASA/SOC) Attendees: Silvano Fineschi (UVCS), Russ Howard (LASCO), Joe Covington (MDI), Julia Saba (MDI), Philippe Lemaire (SUMER), Joe Gurman (EIT), Harold Benefield (FOT), Helmut Schweitzer (ESA), Chris Haskell (CDS), Jeff Newmark (EIT), Craig DeForest (MDI)

1. Review of action items

: None

2. Boundary conditions for the coming month

- Maneuver, roll, station keeping No discussion on the roll was presented since most of the discussion took place at the weekly meeting. In addition, the DSN schedule for that week changed due to a "Hot Bird" launch which is taking all of the DSS-46 passes in that week. A new timeline incorporating these changes is not yet available. (Also waiting to see if we can acquire an additional antenna from another spacecraft and have not heard a final answer yet..) Note: The thermal re-adjustment that was on the original SPWG agenda was a mistake, this may occur in the spring of 1998. The meeting attendees would like to know what the exact status is of this plan.

3. Preview of future months

- For the updates from the meeting, see Monthly Calendar at: http://sohowww/operations/schedule/calendar.html Some discussion on the MEDOC campaign. Has this been officially approved by all the PIs and who will support it? Currently scheduled for weeks 44 and 45. Piet will contact the appropriate people and send out info. SUMER off: 12 - 26 October. Piet will consult PIs involved to find out how to distribute TM; current proposal does not cover all days that SUMER is off, and the overlap with the Coronal Holes campaign is not clear. December SVM activities will take place on December 7/8 if first month of MDI continuous is NOT on best effort basis; else between Christmas and New Years. - DSN contacts during TRACE operations (Extracted from e-mail by Ted Tarbell:) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When TRACE begins observing the Sun early next year, it is extremely desirable to have MDI magnetic observations coordinated with it for extended periods. The same is true of many other SOHO experiments, of course, but MDI is a special case because it requires extra telemetry coverage from the DSN to participate. Therefore, we decided that the extra telemetry request should be for a second continuous period each month, with duration of 5-days "guaranteed" and continuing up to 10 days on a "best effort" basis, with some gaps allowed. Joe Gurman suggested that perhaps the request for extra DSN come from all the SOHO PIs and not just the MDI PI. Piet will forward this to the Project Scientists for input. Another point was brought up concerning TRACE: Although all the data is public, the planning is done by the TRACE Science Team. Therefore, input should be given to the TRACE team now concerning relevant science programs to be done in conjunction with SOHO. - Other information concerning TRACE simulations with SOHO appears at the end of these SPWG minutes (read on..).

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Individual instrument plans ------------------------------ UVCS -- Will be doing calibrations during week 36. During week 37, will be performing minor ions study. Possible JOP with SUMER observing line widths in Mg X. In the latter part of September, will be concentrate on electron scattered Lyman alpha observations. LASCO -- flows in polar regions, going after the source of "blobs" in CMEs, continue synoptic MDI -- After maneuvers, will support JOP068 and the Bright Point Campaign. Active Region Flows (need to get information on MDI support for Active Region Flows in week 38). After some discussion, it seems that LASCO put another run of JOP068 into the monthly calendar for week 40 in collaboration with two sounding rockets. Russ Howard will find out more information concerning this additional run of JOP068 and report information via e-mail to the SPWG. SUMER -- JOP068, collaborations with Tenerife, if target for Bright Point Campaign is in the SUMER field of view -- SUMER will support it. If EIT calibration rocket launches at the end of September they will also support. Unless there are collaborations planned, SUMER will swich off science TM over the weekends. EIT -- Until rocket flight will be limiting 304 exposures. For JOP050, EIT would like to know a week prior the status of Sara Martin's telescope. The last time JOP050 was run, the telescope was not working properly and they may determine their participation based on the telescope status. In October, Jean-Marc Defise will be coming to the EOF to run calibrations. CDS -- Has presented its input in writing (already in calendar). Chris Haskell has no last minute additions to that. Andrzej Fludra is on vacation. b) Intercalibration activities ------------------------------- The EIT and HRTS calibration rocket underflights represent the calibration activities for September. Intercalibration 001 is not needed. c) Joint observing plans ------------------------ See SOHO web pages for agreed September schedule

5. JOPs status

No change

6. New JOPs


7. AOB

* September 16 - 18 TRACE Workshop. For program and arrangements, see: Anyone interested from the SOHO community is invited * September 19, next SPWG, following the TRACE meeting. Opportunity for TRACE folks to get acquainted with SOHO planning * Other TRACE items, again supplied by Ted Tarbell: >1) At the end of the thermal vacuum test, there will be a 72-hour mission >simulation operating the TRACE spacecraft and instrument from the MOR and EOF >in the basement of Bldg. 3. In particular, we will simulate one day each of >launch & early operations, first light for the telescope ("D-Day" when the >front doors open), and normal scientific observing. These are presently >scheduled for 5-7 September, but of course the dates may change. TRACE folks >may attend SOHO daily meetings and simulate some of the interactions which are >planned for the mission as well. The participants at the SPWG commented that 5-7 of September is Friday - Sunday. In particular, it starts the day after the planned momentum management and station keeping. There may not be any daily meetings on Saturday and Sunday for the TRACE folks to sit in on. >2) 1st TRACE Science Workshop, 16-18 September, GSFC. All SOHO folks are >invited. The detailed announcement with agenda is on the web at: > >A brief excerpt is: >"The Science Workshop at GFSC is aimed at finalizing the observing strategy for >TRACE that will maximize the science return from the mission. After an >introduction to the TRACE mission, we will have invited talks reviewing >important developments that are coming out of the SOHO mission. The speakers >have been asked to focus on those issues that have a direct impact on TRACE >operations, TRACE data analysis, TRACE calibrations, etc. We encourage >discussions at any time during the workshop. There are three times explicitly >listed in the Workshop schedule that are devoted to discussions: first a >discussion of the "30 day plan"...then a discussion to prioritize >the science, then a discussion to develop or finalize Joint Observing Programs. >...We hope that this workshop will result not only in a strategy for the use of >TRACE, but also in specific plans for the coordination of TRACE with SOHO >instruments and with other space- and groundbased observatories. The meeting >is open to anyone interested in using TRACE data." > >3) There will be another Operations Simulation running the spacecraft and >instrument for at least 4 days, currently scheduled for 24-28 September. Again >it will be a mix of early operations and normal observing. We will make a more >realistic simulation of joint operations with SOHO (target selection, quick >look images in the summary data, etc.), but the top priority will still be to >test procedures and observing sequences with the flight observatory. Later >this fall, there will be better simulations of joint operations which don't use >the flight hardware. Again, the comment that Sept 27 - 28 was a weekend and there may not be "realistic" simulations of joint observations with SOHO. Adjourned: 11:30 am