SPWG Meeting Minutes -- Friday, July 25, 1997

Chair: Bernhard Fleck Notes: Laura Allen

1. Review of Action Items

All action items from previous SPWG are closed.

2. Boundary Conditions for the Coming Months

ACE is scheduled to launch on August 25. If the ACE launch gets postponed until later.. the September activities (burns, roll, etc) will slide a week *forward* in time into week 35 (Aug 25-31) so that adequate DSN coverage (back-up antennas) will be able to be obtained. Current schedule is: S Aug 31 Gyro Calibration M Sep 01 Momentum Management for Roll Maneuver (Labor Day) T Sep 02 W Sep 03 +90 Degree Roll Maneuver (16 hour duration of roll) - Roll from nominal to a delta of +45, dwell for 1 hour - Roll from +45 to +90 and dwell at +90 for the remaining time ~ 13 hours observing time (1 hour at +45, ~12 hours at +90) - MDI high rate data VC2/VC3 requested during this time T Sep 04 RW 4 Maintenance, Momentum Management, Station Keeping Also of note, we have received word that during the following days: December 24, 25, 26, 31 and January 1 The DSN may not be able to give us the full 8 hours of our requested long contacts (i.e. 6 hours instead of 8). Initial reaction from teams present at the SPWG was that it should not be much of a problem since they try to simplify their programs for the holidays anyway.

3. Preview of Future Months

After the September maneuver activities, there are plans to try and upload new versions of Submode 2 and 3. The new versions can only work with adding 8 additional packets (not the 12 additional packets that were gained prior when Submode 1 was patched to create Submode 5). The new Submode 2 would give 8 additional packets to CDS The new Submode 3 would give 8 additional packets to LASCO/EIT.

4. Priorities for the coming month

See also: CDS - * Non-thermal broading along a loop, campaign with Norikura (Aug 4-9 and Aug 23 - Sept 3) * Spicule study with Tenerife (Aug 6-10) * Bright Point Studies (JOP023) August 4 and 5 with Yohkoh SUMER - will go to central meridian at some point in the future The representatives present have not received input from the PI so cannot supply much information at this SPWG. UVCS and LASCO -- observations of Comet Tabur (within 10 solar radii between August 16-19, magnitude 5.7 ; prime day for UVCS is August 18 when it will be ~ 8 Solar radii) UVCS -- Week 35 will be taken up mostly by calibrations. LASCO also plans to do some C1 closed door calibrations prior to Sept maneuver. EIT -- Polar Plumes during week 33 with Sac Peak Calibration rocket flight has moved to September 19 MDI -- continuous contact next month in August may be similar to last month of their 3 month continuous contact they ran. Collaborations with Sac Peak (no firm dates yet) and Mount Wilson (Aug 28-30). Also like to schedule runs of JOP068 in Weeks 36 and 37, since the sun will be at maximum B angle.

5. JOPs status


6. New JOPS

JOP068 -- Solar Wind from Coronal Holes: A Closer Look submitted by Craig DeForest

7. AOB

Rock Bush presented a viewgraph showing a plot of the data obtained during the March roll. He thinks that at the next opportunity for a roll (May, 1998) MDI would like to ask for some stops at 180 and 270 degrees. Next SPWG will be on Friday, August 22.