Chair: Bernhard Fleck (ESA) Notes: Robert Doney (NASA/SOC) Present: Joe Covington (MDI), Craig DeForest (MDI), Andrzej Fludra (CDS), Rai Wu (UVCS), Jeff Newmark (EIT), Don Michels (LASCO/EIT), Dan Moses (LASCO/EIT), Harold Benefield (FOT) NOTE: The SWT for July has been cancelled. The next SWT will be October 15,16 at GSFC.

1. Review of action items:

97_2.2 Action on EIT to provide SOC information concerning desired EIT offpointing in the next 6 months. STATUS: (postponed) No offpointing will take place during the September maneuvers. EIT will propose new offpointing information in the near future. 97_5.1 Inputs for Roll Maneuver in September. The roll maneuver has been rescheduled to September 2-5 (see section 3)

2. Boundary conditions for the coming month

- MDI Continuous: until July 13 August 1: 6 hours SVM Reserved for Memory Dump and Tape Recorder Maintenance.

3. Preview of future months

A large amount of coordinated observations has been announced for July. Teams are requested to set priorities well in advance, if needed. For the latest calendar update, see: - September maneuver, roll, station keeping, and thermal readjustment September Maneuver ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Originally 10-13 Sept - ACE Launch 21 Aug - ACE Maneuver 6-10 Sept Alternate Dates - 29 July-1 Aug -- Ranging Data - 2-5 Sept (better date) o Still including Roll Maneuver (+90 degrees) o Duty cycle adjustment on FPSS Baseplate Maneuver Sequence ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Day 1: Gyro Calibration Day 2: Momentum Management - for Roll Maneuver Day 3: Roll Maneuver +90 degrees - ~16 hour duration of roll (maximum amount dictated by constraint) - stop at 45 degrees for 15 minute dwell (MDI/EIT) Day 4: RW 4 Maintenance Momentum Management, Station Keeping: ~ 2 m/s => 15-20 min burn no fuel estimate as yet, but it will be considerable Long Term Issues ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ o Momentum Management/Station Keeping to be on 4-5 month cycle o Roll maneuver every 6 months will be out of sync: - Will require additional gyro activity o Next MDI 3 month continuous to start in January o Following maneuver in January (wheel speeds are tolerable into February following the September maneuver) o Roll maneuver in March during MDI continuous? (MDI cannot tolerate a roll during continuous)

4. Priorities for the coming month

All instruments nominal. Additional Notes: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CDS: Cannot participate in the Type 1 Radio Burst study on July 11 MDI: There will be La Palma observations beginning July 23,24 and lasting for about 1 week.

5. JOPs status

- Input to campaign catalog is satisfactory - JOP003, Coronal Mass Ejection Onset, dates may be refined in the coming weeks.

6. New JOPs

- Number not yet assigned: Coronal Hole Flows - JOP 066, Loop Fine Structures, Giovanni Peres - ICAL 12, SOHO/SEH-2/CALSO-3 Cross Calibration, Don McMullin SOHO Intercalibration 13 EIT CalRoc Objective: Improved EIT flatfield and absolute calibration Approach: The EIT space optics have been incorporated into a sounding rocket payload. This instrument has been calibrated with the full program which was planned for the SOHO EIT (but truncated by programmatics). Further calibration checks will be applied immediately before and after launch. COORDINATED OBSERVATIONS: 1) ICAL 12, SOHO/SEH-2/CALSO-3 Cross Calibration, Don McMullin 2) CDS Full Sun observing program

7. AOB

- Date for July SPWG: Friday, July 25 - Date for next SWT: October 15, 16 GSFC