Chair: Piet Martens (ESA/SOC) Minutes: Laura Allen (NASA/SOC) Present: Mike Andrews (LASCO), John Kohl (UVCS), Ray O'Neal (UVCS), Philippe Lemaire (SUMER), Craig DeForest (MDI), Andrzej Fludra (CDS), Don Michels (LASCO/EIT), Frederic Clette (EIT), Joe Gurman (EIT)

1. Review of action items:

97_2.2 Action on EIT to provide SOC information concerning desired EIT offpointing in the next 6 months. STATUS: Still Open

2. Boundary conditions for the coming month

- MDI Continuous: whole month of May, very few passes with downlink only planned. - No S/C activities planned

3. Preview of future months

- See Monthly Calendar at Note busy schedule for late May/early June MEDOC campaign -- Piet Martens received a FAX from Jean-Claude Vial which stated that the MEDOC campaign had been approved for 3 weeks: May 19 - June 8, week 21, 22, and 23. The schedule includes proposed early morning observations of filaments and prominences in collaboration with Themis and Pic-du-Midi. The EIT calibration rocket is scheduled for no earlier than July 17, and a SEM calibration rocket is scheduled for launch on the same day.

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Individual instrument plans LASCO -- Awaiting their new compression scheme upload. Things should be significantly faster -- however, at this time, not certain/able to quantify how much faster. They were told that if it works properly, LASCO will no longer be telemetry limited -- will be processor limited. UVCS -- list of planners can be found at: Will be concentrating on the global dynamics of the extended corona and the CME watch with LASCO. After the SPWG, there will be a splinter meeting between UVCS and LASCO to determine how UVCS can better respond and capture observations of CMEs. In the December 23 event, UVCS saw particle motions along the line-of-sight to 250 km/sec and a 500 fold increase in Lyman-alpha. During the MEDOC campaign, UVCS will be performing observations with Ulysses for 2 weeks. Therefore, UVCS will not be heavily involved in joint observations with other instruments in that timeframe. SUMER -- JOP016 in May. Will be moving SUMER to the West during the May 5-11 timeframe to the polar crown - limb intersection. MDI -- In the 90 day continuous contact presently. After two initial months of their dynamics campaign, they will have two 2-week campaigns: 1) During the first half of June, they will be taking dopplergrams at a 30 second cadence. 2) The second half of June is still to be determined (TBD), but may involve a magnetogram campaign. CDS -- Will be participating in many JOPs like SUMER, see calendar. However, it is noteworthy that May 15-18 there will be no CDS participation in JOPs due to engineering activites. EIT -- Will be staying with the synoptic CME program. For the Woods/Hassler rocket flight will shift their synoptic program for participation in the Intercalibration 011. b) Intercalibration activities Woods/Hassler rocket (Intercal011), May 12 with contingency on May 14 and 16. CDS program for rocket flight is particularly long, will begin the day before. Intercal001: agreed for week 20 c) Joint observing plans Plan for May reviewed and agreed. (

5. JOPs status

- JOP-leaders' reports No real responses from JOP coordinators to update information in the campaign catalogue. However, campaign catalog complete up to early September '96, and complete listing of campaigns up to now -- information per campaign not always completed after September '96. Links with experiment catalogs and fits headers, through campaign #'s can be retro-inserted by experiment archivers for the early phase of the mission.

6. New JOPs

- JOP009 has been updated (change in EIT portion, Themis added), Jean-Claude Vial - JOP061, Brightenings, Flows, and Waves updated, Isabelle Ruedi - JOP062, Oxford Helium Enhancement Study, Keith Macpherson - JOP063, Prominence Absorption, Terry Kucera Both new JOPs in good shape and accepted

7. AOB

- TRACE launch date is still scheduled for December 15, 1997. The TRACE operations team intends to integrate its science planning with SOHO, including participation in daily and weekly meetings, and SPWG. - Meeting agrees to May 23 for the next SPWG -- would be May 16 according to the "third Friday" rule, but it is felt that a week closer to the beginning of June everyone will be better prepared. - AGU meeting in Baltimore May 27-31 Adjourned: 11:10 am