Chair: Piet Martens (SOC) Minutes: Laura Allen (SOC), Robert Doney (SOC) Present: Philippe Lemaire (SUMER), John Kohl (UVCS), Angela Ciaravella (UVCS), John Raymond (UVCS), Phil Scherrer (MDI), Rock Bush (MDI), Julia Saba (MDI), Craig DeForest (MDI), Andrzej Fludra(CDS), Reiner Schwenn (LASCO), Clarence Korendyke (LASCO), Jean-Pierre DelaBoudiniere (EIT), Jef Newmark (EIT), Vicente Domingo (ESA Project Scientist), Art Poland (NASA Project Scientist), Bernhard Fleck (ESA)

1. Review of action items

97_1.1: On SOC's to append appropriate JOP version to record of each executed JOP in campaign catalog. Implemented 97_1.2: On ESA SOC to investigate whether previous JOP versions -- if run -- can be restored. Can be done, requires searching email files of Piet Martens and Bernhard Fleck. To be carried out when time available. NEW ACTION ITEM: 97_2.1 Working group to be formed for the SOHO archive, in particular the issue of linking the campaign database to the experiment catalogs: a congnoscent from each instrument team, SOC, Luis, Macwan, Liyun. CDS -- Bill Thompson SUMER -- TBD UVCS -- TBD EIT -- Joe Gurman, Jeff Newmark LASCO -- TBC, Russ Howard MDI -- Phil Scherrer or Rock Bush Luis Sanchez will be in charge and call meetings. 97_2.2 Action on EIT to provide SOC information concerning desired EIT offpointing in the next 6 months. Summary data: Meeting agrees it is cheaper to forego cdrom distribution, and use Web server instead. No action required -- US Project Scientist can cancel cdrom distribution. Campaign Catalog: Urgent request to JOP leaders and other coordinators to complete their campaign entries in the campaign database. Web access via:

2. Boundary conditions for the coming month

- MDI Continuous: Starts March 12 at 12:00 UT to March 16 at 02:00 UT - March 18-21: Reaction Wheel 4 Maintenance, Momentum Management(s), Roll There has been some changes to the March roll maneuver. The Flight Dynamics Facility did some computing and the initial request by MDI to have stops at 22.5 degree increments was not feasible because at some stops the reaction wheel speeds would violate various minimum and maximum speed constraints. To make a long story short, the roll maneuver has been modified. Here is the new plan: o Perform one roll all the way around in increments of 30 degrees with a 25 minute dwell at each 30 degree delta stop. o Then roll from nominal to +270, +180, then +90 (dwell for an estimated 2 hours for SWAN).. then back to nominal position EIT would like to do an offpoint in the next 6 months, perhaps in conjunction with the next time we roll. Action on EIT to provide information to the SOC as soon as possible as to the duration and extent of the off-point, dwell times, etc. SOC pointed out that anyone planning or wanting to plan activities such as an off-point, roll, or special spacecraft activity such as these... should contact the SOC with information as soon as possible.

3. Preview of future months

(See SOHO Calendar for more recent updates) * Target of Opportunity April 3 - May 1, JOP059, Structure and Variability of Loops, CDS/EIT/MDI/SUMER/Yohkoh-SXT, EOF: Robert Walsh and Jack Ireland * April 11: Possible Momentum Management * April 13 - July 13: MDI Continuous. MDI focus on helioseismology; MDI will provide full disk magnetogram every 96 minutes, but no other campaign support * April 19: Woods/Hassler sounding rocket, launch ~18:00 UT * 29-30 April: Filament Observations, Nobeyama/Siberian Solar Obs./CDS/SUMER Coordinator: Ed Schmahl * 28 April - 18 May: UVCS CME Search with LASCO Flag, Daily 15:00 - 20:00 UT * May/June: JOP049 with SUMER near polar crown * 2 June - 15 June: UVCS CME Search with LASCO Flag, Daily 15:00 - 20:00 UT * mid-June: EIT calibration rocket, from White Sands * May 26: Ulysses-Sun-Earth at 90 Degrees, Joint CME Observations, 2 week span * 27 May - 5 June: JOP012 and 017, Pic-du-Midi/SUMER/CDS/EIT, 7:00-11:00 UT * SERTS Rocket Flight, July 29

4. Priorities for the coming month

a) Individual instrument plans SUMER: Equatorial coronal holes. CDS: 17 - 31 March, request from P. Judge to run JOP46 and JOP20 outflows in network and internetwork, campaign of diagnostics of loops on limb 5 - 10 March (CDS/SUMER/Sac Peak and Yohkoh) abundances from 8-14 of March, April request to run from JOP059. EIT: Up until roll maneuver, will be taking full disk 304 image every 20 minutes in addition to the normal four sets of full-resolution, full-field observations. Plans are not firm for the last week in March UVCS: double lobe radio source and can compare Faraday rotation. 7 solar radii, PA of 110 with VLA (28 March) The following is the revised list of UVCS Lead Observers for March through June 1997 (in reverse order). 23 Jun - 29 Jun Luca Zangrilli Latitude dependance of solar wind parameters 16 Jun - 22 Jun TBD TBD 09 Jun - 15 Jun TBD Zeta Tau, 121 Tau, CME Watch 02 Jun - 08 Jun Giovanni Peres CME Watch and CME Onset 26 May - 01 Jun Giannina Poletto Coordinated observations with Ulysses 19 May - 25 May Steve Suess Coordinated observations with Ulysses 12 May - 18 May Daniele Spadaro Global dynamics of the extended corona and a CME Watch with LASCO 05 May - 11 May TBD Global dynamics of the extended corona and a CME Watch with LASCO 28 Apr - 04 May Ester Antonucci Global dynamics of the extended corona and a CME Watch with LASCO 21 Apr - 27 Apr TBD TBD 14 Apr - 20 Apr TBD TBD 07 Apr - 13 Apr TBD TBD 31 Mar - 06 Apr Carlo Benna Polar Plume Studies and CME Watch with LASCO 24 Mar - 30 Mar Roger Kopp Velocity structure above streamer cusp in OVI, and coronal waves/Faraday rotation experiment with VLA (28 March). 17 Mar - 23 Mar John Kohl Mid Lattitude Streamers, instrument thermal model tests during S/C roll 10 Mar - 16 Mar Leonard Strachan Outflow velocities in Streamers, and instrument flat field calibration. 03 Mar - 09 Mar Angela Ciaravella O VI Outflow velocities in coronal holes, and CME Watch with LASCO 24 Feb - 02 Mar Marco Romoli Visble Light Channel characterization, Streamer Studies and CME Watch with LASCO MDI: Continuous in March, roll maneuver preparation. Three day continuous run prior to roll maneuver. Also need to do leg motion and flat field activity in last week of March. First two weeks in March open for collaboration, would like high-resolution QS studies LASCO: With improved telemetry, things going much smoother. Planning to improve telemetry system with wavelet compression algorithm (based on addition/subtraction): now in the optimization stage. b) Intercalibration activities Run Intercal 001 in the second week in March. c) Joint observing plans JOP022 (P. Lemaire) during MDI Continuous

5. JOPs status

- JOP-leaders' reports Most people have not responded to requests for updating JOP information. People pointed out that perhaps no documents exist which provide directions or requests for the type of information to go into the database. Please refer to the following web pages: Campaigns: SOLs: Urgent request to JOP leaders and other coordinators to complete their campaign entries in the campiagn database. Campaign #'s 1 and 2 have been freed up for general use. ECS software has been upgraded to accept multiple campaign numbers for the same activity (in case the same observations of one experiment support multiple joint investigations). Campaign # = 0 means experiment does not participate, Campaign # = 1 indicates synoptic program.

6. New JOPs

- JOP059 Coronal Loop Structure and Variability, Robert Walsh, Jack Ireland Needs to be submitted as SOI proposal.

7. AOB

o Rock Bush presented information about - the thermal reconfiguration of the previous week. We refer to a memo sent by Jean-Philippe Olive's last week, which contains the same data. - Prediction for large solar cycle 23, peak in early 2000. Severe geomagnetic storms. o Vicente Domingo pointed out that the ESA SPC has allocated funds for a mission extension until March 31, 2003. This implies for the national delegations a commitment to support the instrument teams. Adjourn: 12:00 pm