SOHO SPWG Minutes - August 1996

August 16, 1996, SOHO EAF, GSFC
Chair: B. Fleck

1. Review of action items

5.2 -- closed
On the PIs to provide drift/pointing information history to Project Scientist. Helmut Schweitzer to coordinate with instrument teams to obtain pointing history data.

5.3 -- open
On instrument teams to provide list of potential SOLs. No input yet. If no action is taken on this soon -- idea could be dropped. MDI's Ted Tarbell offered to be a SOL in last week of August.

7.1 -- closed (see minutes SWT-20)
To define date for next roll maneuver. It was agreed to perform the next S/C roll maneuver for SWAN sensor crosscalibration and JOP002 in conjunction with the next momentum management (presumably in November). Duration: <= 16 hours. If possible the roll should be done prior to the momentum management. Next SWT will discuss another roll possibility in January.

8.1 -- New action item:
On FOT to get three days worth of space craft activities condensed into two days (see boundary conditions below)

2. Boundary conditions for the coming month

Currently scheduled are the following activities which will all involve thruster firing:

Since CDS has thermal constraints with these activities being peformed over a period of three days -- the FOT will try to see if they can compress these activities into two days time frame.

3. Priorities for the coming month

To concentrate on coronal loops, a project with Helen Mason and a team from Belfast. Roger Thomas gave presentation on SERTS imaging EUV spectograph. SERTS will be able to combine narrow and wide slit modes of CDS in single observation. Past flights had film -- this flight will have an intensified CCD and a 302-358 angstroms bandpass. Duration will be 450 seconds. No direct overlap w/SUMER in wavelength. Also like observations from EIT and SEM 304 A flux. EIT would also be interested in Silicon XI. SERTS will be shipped on Sept 10 and will launch on October 1st at 18:30 UT with a launch window from 18:30 - 19:30 UT.

Will attempt intercal 6 on Sept. 17th from 17-20 UT. Roger Thomas will tell SoHO what the target is -- most probably quiet sun at disk center. Final targeting will be frozen 2 hours before the flight. There will also be a need to contact Yohkho for participation in this event. SOC will talk to FOT to ask for "hot-backup" antenna, VC3/VC2 high rate telemetry and a voice link to White Sands.

(Note: after the meeting, FOT told us we could not get a hot-backup antenna -- only could be granted by JPL for spacecraft maneuvers/thruster firing..)

Lots of studies with Sac Peak, Tenerife and LaPalma. Claus Wilhelm will be around in a few days with more information. JOP017 and JOP029 planned for much of September. Also a test of JOP046.

UVCS would like to participate in JOP017 by looking at Lyman alpha. Leonard Strachan, Ester Antonucci and Giovanni Peres will be planners.

D. Judge faxed information to John Kohl. Data being shown over 4 month period Jan - April. Data obtained by the sounding rocket SEM on this underflight calibrates the virtually identical instrument aboard SoHO

All NRT non-synoptic data would like to concentrate on Fabry-Perot.

Reviewed capabilities, this info is on the web and people can review what the primary observables in the FOV are (from SoHO web page click on Instruments, then MDI, then Observing Campaigns, ...)

4. JOPs status

John Kohl and Don Michels will submit JOP051 involving LASCO and UVCS at 1.5 - 2 solar radii on equatorial region to look for time variations. Will perform twice -- with and without presence of an active region.

5. New JOPs

The following new JOPs have been added: JOP048, JOP049 and JOP050. See Web pages for descriptions. If you have a new JOP, send e-mail to: This is a batch mail that will inform all the relevant people at once.

6. AOB

Updates to the monthly calendar should be sent to the following address: Again, this is a batch mail that will inform all the relevant people.

Next SPWG meetings are on Sept 20 and October 18.