SOHO SPWG Meeting Minutes -- July 1996

SOHO SPWG Minutes - July 1996

Review of action items

5.1 -- closed

5.2 -- open
Problem not fixed yet. Also noted that after S/C point change in April, the attitude pitch is 190 arcseconds different. Instrument teams should be aware of this and fix in their own software.

5.3 -- open
Action on instrument teams to provide a list of people for SOLs.

New action item
The date for the next roll maneuver (JOP002 and SWAN crosscalibration) must be made at the SWT on August 15. (see notes in section 2 below)

Boundary conditions for the coming month

Orbit trim scheduled for week of 9-13 September, estimated fuel usage 0.5152 kg. Momentum management and reaction wheel 4 spinup also scheduled along with an SSU software patch. At this time, the FOT is still awaiting input from ESA/MATRA to see if the software patch is ready and how long it will take to perform the patch.

FOT requests input concerning special science requirements in conjunction with the maneuver by July 31: roll maneuver, off-pointing, etc. The orbit trim and momentum management MUST be performed before September 18.

DSN contact times for October 96 - March 97 were discussed. The times for the long contact will be from 12:50 to 20:50 UT. This was the best option for providing MDI with uninterrupted high rate data. *** It was decided that the preference is given to continuous contacts of at least 8 hours at an earlier time during the operational day (for example, from 12:50 to 20:50 UT) rather than a later contact with one hour interruption in the middle. ***

Priorities for the coming month

** See Web pages for updates to monthly calendar.

Practice for the Hi-Res launch will take place after the instrument is shipped to White Sands.

The SERTS rocket launch is planned for roughly October 1st. Bill Thompson is the EOF coordinator.

Current JOP Status

Planned August 8 and 9 with EIT and MDI. MDI will need NRT -- VC2/VC3 for this JOP.

Planned for August 1 and 2.

Planned for August 14 and 23 involving MDI/CDS/SUMER/EIT. Stein Vidar will be the coordinator for these.

5 New JOPs

Three new JOPs are on the Web -- JOP046, JOP048, JOP049. JOP048 is a revision of the previously run polar plumes JOP by Craig DeForest. See the Web pages for information.


MDI monthly planning meeting is Tuesday, July 23. MDI will inform others of meeting outcomes at the next weekly meeting.