SOHO SPWG Minutes - June 1996


B. Fleck, C. Korendyke, J.P. Delaboudiniere, A. Poland, J.C. Vial, B. Thompson, D. Hassler, P. Lemaire, A. Gabriel, R. Snell, R. Kavanagh, H. Benefield, A. Fludra, J. Saba, L. Allen, P. Martens, E. Larduinat, V. Domingo

1. Review of Last Month's Action Items

5.1 -- This action is still open.
MDI provided pointing information to Helmut. Sumer has difficulty supplying this information because they are drifting internally. It is important to note that the FPSS is no longer our standard reference -- MDI is. However, since the S/C may bend, we need to get the best pointing info from all instruments.

5.2 -- Action is still open.

5.3 -- Still open.
Have a science operations leader next week.

New Action Item
New action item on Berhard Fleck and Art Poland to get a list of volunteer SOLs.

2. Boundary conditions for the coming month

Nothing special; 2 months continuous end 22 July

3. Priorities for the Coming Month

See monthly calendar on Web.

Stay as planned.

Continuing dynamics, at times may be measuring line depth and continuum velocity. Every 96 minutes have a full disk magnetogram. Will be participating in "International Global Solar Week" In the last week in July, MDI will be doing calibrations.

JOP22, Sumer will cycle every 4 hrs, MDI was a bit disappointed they couldn't participate in this JOP next month, Cooperations with the VLA (filament program) added to monthly schedule, CDS, SUMER, and EIT will participate.

Supporting network study. GIS is now recalibrated so planning more GIS spectra atlas work on coronal holes. Will also do diagnostic studies on active regions as they appear. Diffuse corona JOP27 on July 8.

Will do alternating observations of plumes and streamers. For plumes plan to make observations at 2 heights to find profiles of oxygen lines. Also to find if there are differences in velocities between plume and inter-plume levels of streamers - step in small steps in height to find transition between streamer and corona. Will be able to participate in JOP27 Would like to have cooperation w/LASCO the first 2 weeks in July.

Hope to have a new software load on July 16.

Running synoptic til July 16, then a reduced rate to test new software

Still taking data

4. General discussion

General discussion regarding the need to plan "Global Full Sun" observations (JOP 44), then put together a set of papers from each instrument on this subject. Need to have instruments devote a certain fraction of their time to this since not all synoptic observations will cover this. Sarah Gibson volunteered by J. Kohl to coordinate this.

When we have a clear idea of when the orbit correction will occur in September -- should plan another JOP002. Something to bear in mind.

5. JOPs Status

See web pages.

6. New JOPs

John Doyle preparing one for streamers and one fo QS. Chromospheric oscillations - 6hrs SUMER/CDS (Doyle).

7. AOB