SOHO attitude recovery maneuver

Step Status Description
1. OK Additional warming up of the propulsion subsystem.
2. OK Intermediate check of telemetry.
3. OK Adjustment of Sun heating mode.
4. OK Thrusters tests.
5. OK Thurster 4B despin calibration.
6. OK Thruster 4B despin 1 (spin rate now down to 2.2 deg/s).
7. OK Data collection and procedure uploading.
8. OK Data evaluation.
9. OK FOT load before despin 2.
10. OK Thruster 4B despin 2 (spin rate now down to 0.84 deg/s).
11. OK Switch on FDE, enable/reset min/max monitoring.
12. OK Data evaluation (at the same time as steps 13-15).
13. OK Battery management.
14. OK Preparation of ESR.
15. OK Check of spacecraft status before ESR.
16. Go Go for ESR given subsystem by subsystem (time selected is 18:29:44 TAI).
17. OK Thermal control management.
18. OK Upload TT commands to enable standard monitoring functions.
OK ESR triggered at 18:29:44 TAI.
19. OK ESR without roll control (Sun acquired).
20. OK Set up payload configuration (RTU, PPDU on)
21. OK Trigger COBS reboot and reset thermal control.
22. OK Thermal adjustment after ESR (EXP subs heaters on at 19:12 UT).

Some images taken during today's events