No 53-95 - Paris, 20 November 1995

SOHO launch campaign - Videotransmission on Thursday 23 November

ESA's S0H0* satellite is being readied for launch from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, in the early morning of 23 November 1995. The launch window opens at 07h53 CET (Paris time) and remains open for 91 minutes.

ESA has arranged for a live satellite link to Europe to follow the NASA Select television transmission covering this event of which the technical details are as follows :

Date: 23 November 1995
Time: 05h20- 09h55 GMT
06h20 - 10h55 CET (Paris time)
00h20 - 04h55 Florida
Satellite: Intelsat K -V6 Lower Commercial Analogue
Downlink Frequency 11531.5 MHz - 338.5 E /21.5 W
Downlink Polarity - Vertical. Transmission will be uncoded and in PAL.

Media representatives are invited to follow the launch as of 07h30 a.m. on 23 November at one of the ESA Establishments where project staff and/or SOHO scientists will be available for interviews.

Please return the attached reply form by fax to ESA HQ, ESTEC or ESOC.

* SOHO (SOlar Heliospheric Observatory) is a project of International cooperation between ESA and NASA