SOHO Movie Theater

Following are selected solar images which are archived in the SOHO synoptic and summary database for the last 30 days, composed as movies in a variety of image formats. Note: To see movies in JS supported GIF (new!) format, your browser must support JavaScript.

Image SourceMovie Format
Animated GIF MPEG JS Supported GIF
SOHO EIT, Fe IX/X 171 644 kB Not Available 644 kB
SOHO EIT, Fe XII 195 2548 kB Not Available 2548 kB
SOHO EIT, Fe XV 284 621 kB Not Available 621 kB
SOHO EIT, He II 304 993 kB Not Available 993 kB
SOHO UVCS, O VI 1032   Available
SOHO UVCS, Lyman Alpha 1216   Available
SOHO LASCO, C1 telescope   Available
SOHO LASCO, C2 telescope   Available
SOHO LASCO, C3 telescope   Available
SOHO MDI, Magnetogram   Available
SOHO MDI, Intensitygram   Available
Yohkoh SXT, Soft-X Ray 3476 kB Not Available 3476 kB
Nat. Solar Obs. at Kitt Peak, He I 10830 3214 kB Not Available 3214 kB

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