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Welcome to the SOHO Synoptic Database, part of the SOHO Data Archive.

The SOHO Synoptic Database contains daily solar synoptic images from selected ground-based solar observatories and from the Yohkoh SXT. Please note that these images are typically not corrected for instrumental effects and are provided courtesy of the named institutions. This database, together with the SOHO Summary Database, is maintained by the SOHO PI teams at the SOHO EAF/EOF located at GSFC. These databases are used in the daily planning meetings to create the SOHO daily operations schedule.

All solar images archived in the SOHO Synoptic Database can be queried through the online SOHO Synoptic Database Search Engine. The most recent solar images for a given date can be viewed through the appropriate highlighted date below.

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January 4, 2000  (new!)
January 3, 2000
January 2, 2000
January 1, 2000
December 31, 1999
December 30, 1999
December 29, 1999
December 28, 1999
December 27, 1999
December 26, 1999
December 25, 1999
December 24, 1999
December 23, 1999
December 22, 1999
December 21, 1999

Solar images for earlier dates are also available.

You can now go to the SOHO Movie Theater for Solar Activity to get animated solar images for the last 30 days from selected sites and image types.

Other places where the latest solar images can be found:

First Light Mosaic and Yohkoh SXT movies from Solar and Astrophys. Lab
Solar Data Analysis Center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Mauna Loa Solar Observatory at the HAO in Boulder, CO
Today's Space Weather from the Space Environment Lab in Boulder, CO
Big Bear Solar Observatory at the New Jersey Institute of Technology
The 150-Foot and 60-Foot Solar Towers at the Mt. Wilson Observatory
Mees Solar Observatory at the University of Hawaii
Catania Astrophysical Observatory in Italy
National Solar Observatory/Sac Peak (via ftp) in Sunspot, New Mexico
National Solar Observatory/Kitt Peak in Tucson, Arizona
Nobeyama Solar Radio Observatory in Japan
Solar Observational Station at the Universidad de Sonora in Mexico
Learmonth Solar Observatory in Learmonth, Western Australia
French solar data base (BASS 2000) in France
Kanzelhöhe Solar Observatory in Austria
Kiepenheuer Institute for Solar Physics in Freiburg, Germany
RATAN-600 Special Astrophysical Observatory, Karachai-Circassia in Russia.

Also Solar Radio Data, courtesy of Astrophysikalisches Institut Potsdam, from Tremsdorf Germany are available.

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George Dimitoglou, SM&A/ESA