Filenaming Convention For SOHO Synoptic and Summary Data

1 2 3 0123456789012345678901234567890 <=== character index kpno_halph_re_19930820_1541.fts <=== filename ---- ----- -- -------- ---- --- | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | File extension (3 chars) | | | | | | | | | Observation time (4 chars, in hhmm format) | | | | | | | Observation date (8 chars, in yyyymmdd format) | | | | | Miscellaneous info code (2 chars) | | | Image type code (5 chars) | Institution or telescope code (4 chars) A standard SoHO synoptic file name will consist of 31 characters in length (including 4 underscore characters and a dot). Following are a list of institutes and telescopes codes (are some of them adopted by the IAU?): KBOU Space Env. Lab, Boulder, Colorado KHMN Holloman AFB, New Mexico HTPR Haute-Provence LEAR Learmonth MEUD Meudon MITK Mitaka NOBE Nobeyama ONDR Ondrejov KANZ Kanzelhoehe Solar Observatory KSAC Sacramento Peak, New Mexico BBSO Big Bear Solar Observatory KPNO Kitt Peak National Observatory MEES Mees Solar Observatory MWNO Mt. Wilson National Observatory YOHK Yohkoh SXT SCDS SOHO CDS SEIT SOHO EIT SSUM SOHO SUMER SUVC SOHO UVCS SLAS SOHO LASCO SMDI SOHO MDI Following are a list of image type codes: BBAND Broadband CAIIK Calcium II K line CAXVM Calcium XV synoptic coronal map DOPPL Dopplergram HALPH H alpha HEIMP He I 10830, synoptic map MAGFE Magnetogram, Fe 5250 A MAGMP Magnetogram, synoptic map IGRAM Intensitygram RADIO Radio VMGAV Vectomagnetogram, average VMGCI Vectomagnetogram, component I VMGCQ Vectomagnetogram, component Q VMGCU Vectomagnetogram, component U VMGCV Vectomagnetogram, component V VMGTF Vectomagnetogram, transverse field WHITE White light SOFTX Soft X rays HARDX Hard X rays 00171 Fe IX/X line 171 A 00195 Fe XII line 195 A 00284 Fe XV line 284 A 00304 He II line 304 A 10830 He I line 10830 A The miscellaneous info code can be: FD Full disk RE Region of the Sun LM Solar Limb Image Observation date should be in YYYYMMDD format, and observation time should be in HHMM format. File extension name should be as informative as possible, indicating the data format of the file: CDF Common Data Format FTS FITS GIF GIF JPG JPEG MPG MPEG-1 (possibly MPEG-2 as well) PPM Portable pixmap YOH Yohkoh format In case a field is not determinable, that field should still be filled with proper number of the letter "x".
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Last revised: March 14, 1996