SWAN Background Images

Ecliptic coordinate system representation of the Lyman alpha background observed by Swan on 0000-00-00
The intensity is coded in false colors. The scale is in units of counts per second. The white dots correspond to ultra-violet emission of hot stars and are denser along the plane of the the Milky Way. The dark areas are caused by obstruction of the field of view of the instrument by the sunshield and the SOHO spacecraft itself. The non-uniformity of the intensity pattern is due to a combination of interplanetary Hydrogen atom velocities relative to the Sun and ionization processes from the Sun.

More background images

SOHO is a project of international cooperation between ESA and NASA

The SWAN instrument was developed in cooperation between the Service d'Aeronomie du CNRS (Verrieres le Buisson, France) and the Finnish Meterological Institute (Helsinki, Finland) with support from the French and Finnish space agencies.

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