SOHO-17: 10 Years of SOHO and Beyond
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Instructions for Oral Presentations:
Author Instructions can be downloaded here (pdf). An ftp site will be created for the purpose of uploading oral presentations. All accepted oral presentations will receive the login information for the ftp site by the end of March 2006. Presentations can be uploaded until May 4th 2006. Upon uploading your presentation you must send a notification to the Programme Content management:

Nuccio Lanza:
Paolo Romano:

After May 4th presentations can be uploaded directly to the conference laptop which will be available at the conference venue. All speakers are advised to get in touch with the Programme Content Management upon arriving at the conference venue, or in the morning between 8 and 8:45 am each day.

The technical services at the conference can support presentations in PowerPoint (the latest version distributed with Office 2003), PDF, HTML and StarOffice Impress on the conference laptop that uses the Windows XP operating system.

Those presenters who want to present a contribution prepared under the Mac Operating System must bring their own Mac laptop and connect it to the available projector/beamer. It is important that the MAC laptop has a VGA output for such a connection. The Programme Content Management staff is also available to check with them that everything works properly 20 minutes before the beginning of each session.

Instructions for Poster Presentations:
Poster presenters are advised to prepare posters with the dimensions of 1.00 meter (H) x 0.80 meter (W).