Solar Wind 11 / SOHO 16  
Sunday 12 June -Friday 17 June 2005  
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  Sunday PM: Registration + Reception  
18:00 Welcome Reception  
Monday AM: Interaction of the Sun with the Galaxy  
8:30 0:15 Welcome  
8:45 1:00 Tutorial Talk: Exploring the Outer Frontier of the Heliosphere Stone, E.  
9:45 0:25 Physical Processes in the Heliosheath: Theoretical Predictions (Invited) Florinski, V.  
10:10 0:25 Physics of the termination shock and the heliosheath: Voyager observations (Invited) Krimigis, S.  
10:35 0:45 Coffee + Posters  
11:20 0:15 Observation and Theory of Particle Acceleration at the Solar Wind Termination Shock Jokipii, J.R., et al.  
11:35 0:15 Modeling of the heliospheric interface: multi-component nature of the heliospheric plasmas Izmodenov, V., et al.  
11:50 0:15 Three-dimensional MHD-neutral model of the heliospheric interface: interstellar and interplanetary magnetic field effects and GMIR propagation Pogorelov, N. & Zank, G.P.  
12:05 0:15 Charge-exchange x-rays from the heliospheric termination shock - an outside view Robertson, I., et al.  
12:20 0:15 Deflection of the interstellar neutral hydrogen flow across the heliospheric interface Lallement, R., et al.  
12:35 1:25 Lunch break  
Monday PM: Particle Acceleration in the Sun and Heliosphere 1  
14:00 1:00 Tutorial Talk: Particle Acceleration in the Sun and Heliosphere Giaccalone, J.  
15:00 0:15 UV Observations Coronal Shock Waves Raymond, J. & Ciaravella, A.  
15:15 0:15 Relationship of Solar Flare Accelerated Particles to Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs) Observed in the Interplanetary Medium Lin, R., et al.  
15:30 0:45 Coffee + Posters  
16:15 0:15 Origin of electron acceleration during CME development Pick, M. & Maia, D.  
16:30 0:15 What Fraction of the CME Kinetic Energy Goes into Energetic Particles? Mewaldt, R.A., et al.  
16:45 0:15 Composition and Spectra from the October/November 2003 Energetic Particle Events Cohen, C.M.S., et al.  
17:00 1:30 Poster Session (with Reception)  
18:30 Adjourn  
Tuesday AM: Particle Acceleration in the Sun and Heliosphere 2  
8:30 0:25 Flare-like Particle Composition at High Energies in Large, Gradual Solar Energetic Particle Events (Invited) Tylka, A.J.  
8:55 0:25 Are There Direct Flare Particles in Large Solar Particle Events?  (Invited) Cane, H.  
9:20 0:15 Ionic Charge States of Mg, Si and Fe in Fe-Rich Solar Energetic Particle Events Klecker, B., et al.  
9:35 0:15 Statistical properties of fast forward transient interplanetary shocks and associated energetic particle events: ACE observations Lario, D., et al.  
9:50 0:15 Coupled hydromagnetic waves and energetic ions at CME-driven shocks Lee, M.  
10:05 0:15 Simulation of Shock Acceleration in Gradual Solar Energetic Particle Events Ng, C.  
10:20 0:45 Coffee + Posters  
11:05 0:25 Radial dependence of Solar Energetic Particle Events (Invited) Kallenrode, M.-B.  
11:30 0:15 Particle Acceleration at Quasi-Perpendicular Interplanetary Shocks Zank, G., et al.  
11:45 0:15 Multi-Spacecraft Observations of Interplanetary Shocks: Non-Planarity and Energetic Particles Neugebauer, M. & Giacalone, J.  
12:00 0:15 Acceleration of Solar Wind and Pickup Ions by Shocks Gloeckler, G., et al.  
12:15 0:15 Evolution of Inner Source Pickup Ion Distributions - Potential for further Acceleration? Moebius, E., et al.  
12:30 1:30 Lunch break  
Tuesday PM: Acceleration and Heating of Solar Plasma 1  
14:00 1:00 Tutorial Talk: Accelerating and Heating of the Solar Plasma Holzer, T.  
15:00 0:15 Height of origin and 3-D formation scenario for the solar wind in coronal funnels Tu, C.-Y., et al.  
15:15 0:15 Relation of the chromospheric network to coronal funnels and the solar wind Aiouaz, T., et al.  
15:30 0:45 Coffee + Posters  
16:15 0:15 Acceleration of solar plasma by reconnection Büchner, J., et al.  
16:30 0:15 Modeling Helium in closed coronal structures Killie, M.A., et al.  
16:45 0:15 Shell-model simulations of MHD in a solar coronal loop Buchlin, E. & Velli, M.  
17:00 1:30 Poster Session (with Reception)  
Wednesday AM: Acceleration and Heating of Solar Plasma 2  
8:30 0:25 How is the Corona Heated? Waves vs. Reconnection (Invited) van Ballegooijen, A.  
8:55 0:25 DC Heating - is it enough? (Invited) Gudiksen, B.V.  
9:20 0:15 Acceleration of the solar wind: kinetic models and effect of Coulomb collisions Zouganelis, I., et al.  
9:35 0:15 Dissipation of the perpendicular turbulent cascade in the solar wind Markovskii, S. et al.  
9:50 0:15 Hybrid simulation of ion cyclotron resonance in the solar wind: evolution of velocity distribution functions Li, Xing  
10:05 0:15 Why is the Fast Solar Wind Fast and the Slow Solar Wind Slow? A Survey of Geometrical Models Cranmer, S.R.  
10:20 0:45 Coffee + Posters  
11:05 0:25 Importance of kinetic effects in heating the open and closed corona (Invited) Marsch, E.  
11:30 0:15 Successful Coronal Heating and Solar Wind Acceleration by MHD Waves by Numerical Simulations from Photosphere to ~0.1AU Suzuki, T., & Inutsuka, S.  
11:45 0:15 A solar wind model with a reflection-driven cascade Laitinen, T., et al.  
12:00 0:15 Multifluid models of the solar wind Ofman, L.  
12:15 0:15 Solar Wind Heavy Ion Speed and Density Comparisons Ipavich, F., et al.  
12:30 1:30 Lunch break  
14:00 Free afternoon  
18:00 Conference Dinner in mountain top restaurant  
Thursday AM: Magnetic Field Transport from the Sun to the Heliosphere  
8:30 1:00 Tutorial Talk: The Magnetic Connection between the Sun and the Heliosphere Schrijver, C.  
9:30 0:25 Transport of Open Magnetic Flux on the Sun and its Consequences (Invited) Fisk, L.A.  
9:55 0:25 Magnetic Flux Transport On the Sun (Invited) Sheeley, N.  
10:20 0:45 Coffee + Posters  
11:05 0:25 Evolution of Twisted Magnetic Flux Tubes Emerging into the Solar Corona (Invited) Fan, Y.  
11:30 0:15 Magnetic Reconnection in the Solar Wind Gosling, J.  
11:45 0:15 The magnetic configuration of the solar corona and inner heliosphere: A self-consistent MHD model incorporating the effects of differential rotation Riley, P., et al.  
12:00 0:15 Voyager 1 Observations of the Heliospheric Magnetic Field beyond 83 AU Burlaga, L., et al.  
12:15 0:15 Did the heliospheric magnetic field really double during the last 100 years? Mursula, K., & Martini, D.  
12:30 1:30 Lunch break  
14:00 0:15 Cluster Observations of the Field and Plasma Structure of Current Sheets in the Solar Wind Owen, C.  
14:15 0:15 Large Scale Solar Wind Modeling with Subgridscale Turbulence Methods Matthaeus, W., et al.  
14:30 0:15 Three dimensional structure of magnetohydrodynamic turbulence in the solar wind Horbury, T., et al.  
14:45 0:15 Measurement of the electric fluctuation spectrum of solar wind magnetohydrodynamic turbulence Bale, S., et al.  
15:00 0:30 Coffee + Posters  
Thursday PM: Future Missions  
15:30 0:15 The New Science of Exploration (Invited) Moore, T.E. & Hoeksema, J.T.  
15:45 0:15 International Living With a Star (Invited) Liu, W.  
16:00 0:15 Solar Orbiter: A Mission Update  (Invited) Marsden, R.G.  
16:15 0:15 Solar Probe (Invited) McComas, D.  
16:30 0:15 The NASA Living With A Star (LWS) Sentinels Mission Lin, R.  
16:45 0:15 Discussion  
17:00 1:30 Poster Session (with Reception)  
18:30 Adjourn  
Friday AM: CMEs and ICMEs  
8:30 1:00 Tutorial Talk: ICME-CME Connections: Outstanding Questions Crooker, N.  
9:30 0:25 The Breakout Model for CME Initiation in 3-Dimensions Lynch, B. et al.  
9:45 0:15 Quantitative Study of Initiation and Evolution of CMEs in Different Solar Wind Models Poedts, S. et al.  
10:00 0:15 Evolution of the Three-Dimensional Structure of a Halo Coronal Mass Ejection From Polarimetric Analysis Moran, T.G.M.  
10:15 0:15 Dimensions of Structured Coronal Mass Ejections Cremades, H. & Bothmer, V.  
10:30 0:45 Coffee + Posters  
11:25 0:15 The Coronal and Interplanetary Transport of CMEs Determined from White-Light, ! ! ! Radio and In-Situ Shock Measurements! Reiner, M. & Kaiser, M.L.  
11:40 0:15 Propagation Characteristics of Geo-Effective CMEs Srivastava, N. & Mathew, S.K.  
11:55 0:15 Improved Space Weather Forecasting Using the Halo Expansion Speed Schwenn, R. et al.  
12:10 0:15 Severe Solar Storms in the Declining Phase of Solar Cycle 23 Zhukov, A. et al.  
12:25 0:15 The Pertinence of Three-Dimensional Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI) Solar Wind Analysis to Ulysses Observations Jackson, B. et al.  
12:40 0:15 Composition of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejections at All Latitudes von Steiger, R. et al.  
12:55 0:05 Closing  
13:00 End of Meeting  
Posters: Interaction of the Sun with the Galaxy  
Posters: Particle Acceleration in the Sun and Heliosphere  
Posters: Acceleration and Heating of Solar Plasma  
Posters: Magnetic Field Transport from the Sun to the Heliosphere  
Posters: Future Missions  
Posters: CMEs and ICMEs